General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton Gives An Inside Look Into His Emotional First Day

Steve Burton’s emotional first day
Steve Burton’s emotional first day

Well my friends, today is March 5th, 2024. The last two months have felt like forever since we found out about Steve. On January 4th, 2024, ABC’s General Hospital surprised fans with the best post-Christmas gift. Steve Burton appeared unexpectedly alongside Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright. For the first time in over three years, Sam, Jason, and Carly were all together on screen. Right then and there we all knew that meant that Jason Morgan was set to return!

Fast forward and the day has come and gone. March 4th has been the most anticipated daytime television event in recent times, and now it’s over. General Hospital recaps highlight the best Monday in GH history. Steve Burton returned on screen as Jason Morgan. Fans have hoped and prayed for his return since his 2021 GH exit. Thankfully, our prayers were answered.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Steve Burton’s emotional first day back on General Hospital’s set. Reportedly, the cast and crew of General Hospital are like family. So much so that they even refer to their cast-mates as “General Hospital family.”

It was emotional day for Steve, his GH family, and the dedicated General Hospital fans. Overall, the audience is beyond pleased with how Jason’s storyline began. Take a behind the scenes look as Steve reveals his emotional first day.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan’s Partner- Who Is Behind Jason’s Mission To End Organized Crime?

who is Jason Morgan’s partner
GH Spoilers: Who is Jason Morgan’s partner?

Judging by the blood on Jason’s hands, alongside the victims and intended victims, odds are that Jason Morgan is out to abolish organized crime. Ok, I guess. But since when? Since when did Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos’s enforcer decide to jump ship and play for the other team?

General Hospital news reports confirm that Steve Burton’s GH air date is set for tomorrow, March 4th, 2024. That’s when the highly anticipated Jason Morgan reveal airs at 2pm Eastern on ABC. Jason’s General Hospital return was the Soap Opera’s best kept secret before the reveal on January 4th. Reportedly, ABC surprised General Hospital fans during the 60th Anniversary Prime Time special.

Ever since word got out that Steve Burton was headed back as Jason, GH fans can’t put it down. Over the last two months social media outlets have covered just about every storyline angle in theory. According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, it’s believe that Jason Morgan has turned in Sonny and is out to abolish organized crime. However, it’s hard to wrap our thoughts around that fact that Jason would ever willingly go against Sonny, let alone try to kill him. Of course, multiple scenarios began to circulate, creating GH rumors that could turn into GH spoilers.

Who Is Jason Morgan’s Partner?

According to some of the latest GH rumors and spoilers, some believe that Jason is the shooter but not by choice. If that’s the case then the motive is seemingly clear. Organized crime has run rampant through Port Charles since the early 90s. Therefore, it makes sense that someone wants to put an end to the mob violence. Reportedly, victims and intended victims are all members of organized crime.

Does Jason Morgan want to take down the organization when he was a huge part of it for so long? Maybe. It’s still very hard to believe. Is Jason really calling the shots or is the done by force and manipulation? I know that most of us can’t fathom Jason going against Sonny. Unfortunately, only time will tell, but it’s worth the wait.

General Hospital Spoilers: USED By Jagger And The FBI, Dex Finds And Saves Jason Morgan

GH Spoilers: Dex finds and saves Jason
GH Spoilers: Dex finds and saves Jason

Jagger Cates (Adam Harrington) wants to take charge of this high profile investigation in Port Charles. He’s gone out of his way to try to stop Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) from getting close to the case. In fact, he stonewalled them so hard that Anna had to find ways to get around Jagger’s orders.

General Hospital recaps highlight Cyrus Renault’s efforts to help Anna and Jordan. He was sent to Pentonville to preach the Lord’s good word, and to gain information regarding the investigation. Somehow, Anna convinced him that by helping her get answers, he could potentially help a lost soul to find God.

Still, Jagger is suspiciously unsettled about Anna and Jordan’s plan. One would think that he’d be happy that they took the initiative to get closer to the truth. Instead, he’s uneasy. So what’s Jagger hiding?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Jason Morgan is a big part of this entire operation. Jagger knows Jason back when he was a Quartermaine, so the history is definitely in place. While GH rumors run wild, fans speculate that Jagger is hiding Jason for one reason or another. If that’s the case then it’s likely that Jason isn’t there willingly.

According to General Hospital comings and goings reports, Evan Hofer is rumored to return as the danger intensifies in Port Charles. What better way to show loyalty to Sonny than to return to Port Charles with none other than Jason Morgan?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Returns, True Love Awaits- Baby, It’s Just You and Me, By The Way Do Our Blacks Match?

Jason and Sam reunite
Jason and Sam reunite

Our prayers have been answered! Well, I know that mine have. I can’t say that I speak for all of us, but I will say that the majority of GH fans share my sentiments when it comes to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Steve Burton’s GH return is the absolute best news we’ve received in a while, especially after 2023’s devastating losses.

Despite the tragic losses, GH fans can find something to smile about. Jason Morgan’s comeback has been a bright spot for many since losing Sonya, Jackie, Billy, and Tyler. Of course there are more we’ve most, which are equally as sad. But as they say, life goes on. Thankfully many look forward to Jason’s Port Charles return, especially when it comes to his reunions. Sonny, Carly, Michael, Sam, and Spinelli, come to mind as the most impactful, along with the Quartermaines.

However, Jason and Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) reunion is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But I am a die hard JaSam fan. Let’s just say that I own Sam’s star necklace and have the same shaped star tattooed on my body.

Who Does Jason Love?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason has a few love interests to choose from. Although sadly Britt is deceased, Sam and Liz are still around. But they aren’t for the taking- for now. Of course, someone new is always a possibility. Sam is currently with Drew, and Elizabeth and Dr. Finn keep giving their relationship the old college try. Nothing is guaranteed and either of those relationships could crumble.

Will Jason’s return ignite another JaSam vs. Liason fan war? Personally, I think Jason and Sam are endgame. One of my favorite things (other than the star necklace) that they share is their love for the color black. Whether it’s a black t-shirt or a black leather jacket, black is definitely Jason and Sam’s color.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton Confirms DAYS Exit, Updates Fans On Daytime TV Status

Steve Burton confirms Daytime TV status Days Exit Jason Morgan GH return
Steve Burton confirms Daytime TV status, Days Exit

Steve Burton is probably one of the most talked about daytime television stars in television. The 51 year old American icon is best known for his roles as Jason [Quartermaine] Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital. Additionally, Burton has played memorable roles as Harris Michaels on Days Of Our Lives, and Dylan McAvoy on The Young And The Restlesss. Of course, those roles do not conclude his acting portfolio.

Steve Burton’s most popular role is his portrayal of Port Charles hitman, Jason Morgan. His brotherhood bond with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is a fan favorite duo. Moreover, his legendary love story with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) remains at the forefront of many of the fan’s minds.

Steve Burton Confirms Daytime TV Status

According to the latest General Hospital news and spoilers, reports confirm that Burton has filmed his last episode over at Days Of Our Lives. In the video below, Steve advises fans to “stay tuned,” as his career journey takes its next turn.

Ever since his October 2021 departure from GH, fans have cried out for his return. Burton and General Hospital co-star Ingo Rademacher were let go over the Covid vaccine mandate issued by ABC. However, the mandate has since been lifted. Is now the perfect time for Steve Burton to return to General Hospital as mob enforcer Jason Morgan?

General Hospital Blog: BREAKING! Steve Burton Drops Major Hint- Jason Morgan Returns Just In Time

Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan General Hospital

With so many storylines that currently flow through Port Charles, many create potential for what fans have been waiting for. In the midst of all the changes, fans believe it’s the perfect time that Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan.

Recently, General Hospital Blog shared the latest news in Steve Burton. During a podcast interview, GH co-star Wally Kurth hinted that Steve Burton will be back soon. Since this news broke, GH spoilers are running wild with stories surround Steve Burton and his role as Jason Morgan.

According to the latest GH spoilers and news, Burton shared an interesting post to his Instagram page. Curiously, fans dissect the meaning behind his message. Check it out below!

Steve Burton hints his return to GH as Jason Morgan

Does Change Mean Out With DAYS and In With GH?! Steve Burton Retuns as Jason Morgan

With rumors that Steve’s days at DAYS are soon to be over come inevitable change. Last week, GH Blog shared confirmation that Steve Burton has signed a one year contract with DOOL. Of that year leaves about 6 months. That’s why fans have been up in arms over the news. Moreover, each and every storyline seems to have a reason for Jason to return. Sasha needs saving? Jason will rescue her! Sonny needs out of FBI custody? Jason saves the day! Carly needs Nina off her back? Here comes bestie!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Came To Port Charles To Get Revenge On Sonny And Michael For Taking His Father From Him- Jason’s Son Wants Restitution

Dex is Jason’s son
Dex is Jason’s son

Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) have been cleverly intertwined. Their undeniable chemistry and instant attraction mirrors that of something from the past.

General Hospital recaps recall how Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) understands her daughter’s reasons for helping Dex, and in turn, she was willing to help Joss help him.

General Hospital spoilers tease Joss and Dex have crossed paths to mirror the similarities between Joss and Carly. In addition, Dex and Jason are eerily similar. Fans have been calling Dex things like, “Sonny’s new Jason,” and “Jason 2.0.” Joss herself even called him, “no neck, and, “Sonny’s muscle.” That being said, we can’t help but think of a certain someone. Does Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) ring a bell? Of course! Joss and Dex are a lot like Carly and Jason. If history is going to repeat itself in its own new way, Josslyn follows in Carly’s footsteps. Joss reflecting a young Carly as Dex does Jason makes for a smart way to develop Dex’s story.

General Hospital rumors hint Dex is working for both Michael and Sonny for a reason. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) wants to take down his father Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) after he betrayed Carly with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). He secretly hired Dex to pose as Sonny’s trusted enforcer. GH rumors speculate Dex is ready and willing because he thinks Michael and Sonny both owe him something. He wants the father and family he never had and he blames Sonny for that. Dex thinks Michael is ungrateful to turn his back on his father when Dex himself never got to know his own.

Is Jason Really Dex’s Father?

General Hospital rumors and spoilers claim Dex is Jason Morgan’s son and he wants restitution for being robbed of the past. Given that Jason worked for Sonny for the majority of his life, his line of work took him away from family life. As a result, even his love life with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and their kids was severed. Ultimately, Jason chose working for Sonny over being a father.

GH rumors hint that Dex is Jason’s long lost son. Of course, with news like that comes many questions. Such as who is Dex’s mother. That’s yet to be determined, but anything is possible on soaps. He envies Michael for having a loving father to have cared for him into adulthood. Therefore, Dex resents Sonny having a family while Jason could not. Now that Jason is presumed dead, Dex will never her the chance to know his father.