General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan’s Partner- Who Is Behind Jason’s Mission To End Organized Crime?

who is Jason Morgan’s partner
GH Spoilers: Who is Jason Morgan’s partner?

Judging by the blood on Jason’s hands, alongside the victims and intended victims, odds are that Jason Morgan is out to abolish organized crime. Ok, I guess. But since when? Since when did Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos’s enforcer decide to jump ship and play for the other team?

General Hospital news reports confirm that Steve Burton’s GH air date is set for tomorrow, March 4th, 2024. That’s when the highly anticipated Jason Morgan reveal airs at 2pm Eastern on ABC. Jason’s General Hospital return was the Soap Opera’s best kept secret before the reveal on January 4th. Reportedly, ABC surprised General Hospital fans during the 60th Anniversary Prime Time special.

Ever since word got out that Steve Burton was headed back as Jason, GH fans can’t put it down. Over the last two months social media outlets have covered just about every storyline angle in theory. According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, it’s believe that Jason Morgan has turned in Sonny and is out to abolish organized crime. However, it’s hard to wrap our thoughts around that fact that Jason would ever willingly go against Sonny, let alone try to kill him. Of course, multiple scenarios began to circulate, creating GH rumors that could turn into GH spoilers.

Who Is Jason Morgan’s Partner?

According to some of the latest GH rumors and spoilers, some believe that Jason is the shooter but not by choice. If that’s the case then the motive is seemingly clear. Organized crime has run rampant through Port Charles since the early 90s. Therefore, it makes sense that someone wants to put an end to the mob violence. Reportedly, victims and intended victims are all members of organized crime.

Does Jason Morgan want to take down the organization when he was a huge part of it for so long? Maybe. It’s still very hard to believe. Is Jason really calling the shots or is the done by force and manipulation? I know that most of us can’t fathom Jason going against Sonny. Unfortunately, only time will tell, but it’s worth the wait.