General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud Opens Up About Life’s Unexpected Turns- Is It Too Late To Resurrect Britt?

Kelly Thiebaud returns to General Hospital as Britt Westbourne
Kelly Thiebaud returns to General Hospital as Britt Westbourne

It seems as though of many General Hospital fans aren’t over the death of Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud ). Kelly’s character left the canvas in such a way that makes it nearly impossible for return.

Although GH fans said goodbye to Kelly and the role as Dr. Britt “The Britch” Westbourne, hope for a miraculous return lives on. GH recaps recall that Britt died in her mother’s arms from complications from the hook wound. More often than not, Soap Opera death storylines play out in a way that leaves an open door for either a return or a recast.

Kelly Thiebaud returns to General Hospital as Britt Westbourne?

General Hospital news and spoilers report that Kelly Thiebaud recently shared a post to X (ex-Twitter), alluding to changes in the Emmy winner’s life. Last year Kelly revealed that she was loving to the UK. Because of this, Kelly’s time at GH had come to a heartbreaking end.


General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that Kelly’s post could be a hint toward what’s to come. Before Thiebaud left General Hospital her love interest was presumed dead after fallen debris seemingly crushed him. Port Charles mourned the death of Jason Morgan, and Britt was heartbroken. Then, dr. Westbourne’s untimely death shook the city of Port Charles.

Now that Jason has returned GH fans hope that Kelly Thiebaud makes her way back to someone resurrect Dr. Britt Westbourne. But how could they bring back Britt after she died in Liesl’s arms? General Hospital always signs away.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud Exits GH- Britt Westbourne’s Life Flashes Before Her Eyes!

Kelly Thiebaud leaves GH Britt Westbourne dies

Kelly Thiebaud leaves GH! Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) birthday party celebration turns into the darkest event of her life. Will her first birthday party ever become her last and only?

General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm Emmy winning actress Kelly Thiebaud heads to prime time. She reprised her role as Eva Vasquez on ABC’s Station 19. Thiebaud join the cast of GH back in 2012 is the feisty and vindictive Dr. Westbourne, better known as The Britch. After years of working on her redemption, her nickname became irrelevant when the stigma surrounding her past self lifted. Now, if someone calls her The Britch, it’s done in a playful and lighthearted manner.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint Dr. Britt Westbourne dies as Kelly Thiebaud leaves GH. In an emotional episode of General Hospital, Britt Westbourne celebrates her first ever birthday party. Could it also be her last and only? Based on the nature of her celebration, GH rumors claim the video collage highlighting the beautiful young doctor’s life symbolizes a tribute to both Kelly and her work as Britt on General Hospital. Britt is surrounded by her mother Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), her bestie Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and her new work bestie Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) along with many other close friends and family. Was this a final farewell to Kelly Thiebaud and Britt Westbourne?

General Hospital News: Kimberly McCullough Tweets; “You Stole My Hairdo And My Job”

For the most part, the cast of General Hospital has been very active on social media throughout the years. The cast likes to engage with one another as friends, along with engaging and replying to the fans.

Earlier this week, Kelly Thiebaud made her return debut as Dr. Britt Westbourne when she arrived back in Port Charles for a career opportunity. General Hospital spoilers revealed Britt had accepted a position from Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), making Dr. Westbourne the new Chief of Staff at General Hospital. General Hospital news reported that GH so-called “fans” turned to social media to express their opinion on Kelly’s new look. The backlash for bangs was something fierce- enough to drive Kelly Thiebaud to clap back at the nasty comments from disgruntled fans.

General Hospital news reports Kimberly McCullough also weighed in on Kelly’s return to General Hospital, and her hair.

In a light hearted, joking fashion, McCullough tweeted to Thiebaud, mentioning Britt’s new look and new job at GH. The friendly exchange can be found on Twitter, amidst an entire slew nasty tweets from annoying people who call themselves fans.

The Britch is back and is ready to take on any haters, including the keyboard warriors with their opinions about nothing. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all… unless you’re prepared to get shut down, because Kelly and her character Britt, and her co-stars don’t play!


General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Gives Britt Authority To Appoint New Head Nurse, Make Room For Brad Cooper

Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) is back at General Hospital and is stronger than ever. Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) has appointed Dr. Westbourne the new Chief of Staff at GH. With Britt’s new role as an authority figure, the hospital and it’s staff is at her mercy. Britt has always been one to seek control and now Cyrus has given her the opportunity to make the rules.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a new Head Nurse is about to take over Epiphany Johnson’s (Sony Eddy) position, and the possibilities for a replacement are endless.

Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and Britt Westbourne have been BFFs for years. The two have a lot in common with their devious ways and scheming plots. Brad Cooper is currently serving time in Pentonville for his involvement in the kidnapping of Wiley Corinthos.

General Hospital comings and goings say the door has been left open for Parry Shen to return to the set of GH and tie up the loose ends of the Wiley kidnapping saga.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Brad will soon be getting. released from Pentonville, and will need to find a way to make ends meat. Britt and Brad are tight, and if Brad needs a favor, Britt will be there. General Hospital rumors claim Britt will shock Port Charles when she splints ex-con, Brad Cooper as the new Head Nurse at General Hospital. Britt and Brad are a dangerous duo, and under the ruling of Cyrus Renault, the residents of Port Charles have a lot to worry about.

The future of General Hospital is at stake as Cyrus Renault’s plans for the hospital are not in it’s best interest, but the interest of Cyrus himself and his criminal activity. Will Epiphany, Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), and the rest of the GH staff be able to stop Cyrus before it’s too late?

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Appoints New Head Nurse

The entire staff at General Hospital is up in arms after Cyrus Renault announced new changes to the staff and schedule at the hospital.

The aftermath of Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) lawsuit continues after Renault fired Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) as Chief of Staff, and Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) as Head Nurse Administrator. More changes are underway as Renault takes control.

General Hospital spoilers revealed Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) has taken Monica’s position as Chief of Staff of General Hospital.

Since Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) has been demoted to administration, a new Head Nurse must take her place. General Hospital rumors indicate Cyrus will appoint a new Head Nurse and it will shock Port Charles to the core.

The staff at GH are on pins and needles, awaiting the reveal of the new Head Nurse. Many prospects have come to mind as General Hospital rumors suggest a few potential candidates.

There’s a laundry list of possibilities, which could include, Nurse Felix DuBois (Marcus Anthony Samuel), Nurse Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken), Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel), Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), Brad Cooper (Parry Shen), among others.

Time will reveal Cyrus Renault’s choice and until then the residents of Port Charles are at the mercy of criminal mastermind and drug lord.

Who will help take control of GH and become another of Renault’s minions?

General Hospital News: Kelly Thiebaud Address Hairstyle Backlash; Why Must We Bring Others Down?

The internet can be a beautiful place for many reasons. For TV fandoms, it’s a place where fans can gather to discuss their favorite shows and characters. The internet can also become very ugly. And the internet itself is not to blame. It’s simply just another outlet for mean people to show their true colors.

General Hospital comings and goings brought news that Kelly Thiebaud would be retuning to GH to reprise her role as Britt Westbourne, aka The Britch.

Kelly Thiebaud made her return debut on Friday, September 11th, as Britt Westbourne arrived back in Port Charles.

After General Hospital spoilers revealed Thiebaud would return some time after the COVID-19 hiatus, GH fans started speculating potential story lines for Britt Westbourne. General Hospital spoilers and rumors hinted that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) would appoint Britt as the new Chief of Staff over at General Hospital. GH rumors claim Britt would return pregnant with Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) baby. The hype and excitement for Britt’s return was real- but no one really expected this fan reaction.

Kelly debuted as Britt with a new look, and fans have lost their mind. Kelly now has bangs, and apparently people can’t get over it. It’s very brave for someone to be able to handle being in the public eye when they are always subject to scrutiny. Kelly Thiebaud felt she had to address the haters after tweets and comments about her returned revolved more around her hairstyle than the fact that she and her character were back on the soap.

Why must people be so hateful? It’s important we build each other up as opposed to tearing them down. Especially when it comes to physical appearance. It truly is a shame that Kelly had to address this nonsense, but thankfully she had co-stars like Marcus Anthony Samuel, who plays Felix DuBois, among others, that have her back.

Kelly addressed the issue via twitter, reminding fans there are more important things to discuss than her hair.

Hopefully people can look at this as a wake up call to focus on being positive instead of being a hater.

We are grateful the gorgeous, talented, and kind, Kelly Thiebaud has returned! The Britch is back!

General Hospital News: The Britch Is Back! Kelly Thiebaud Returns To GH

Kelly Thiebaud arrived in Port Charles in 2012 and quickly acquired the nickname, The Britch due to her feisty and spiteful personality, along with her name Britta Westbourne. She made fast friends with scheming lab tech, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen). Together those two have scammed and lied, and used others to get what they want, all while remaining loyal friends to one another. Brad is in Pentonville for crimes associated with his involvement with another wild card in Port Charles, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier).

Britt recently popped back into town briefly this past Winter, but left after having a one night stand with Julian Jerome (William DeVry), and after her mom, Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) was arrested for sabotaging the plane which caused Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) “death.”

General Hospital new reports that actress Kelly Thiebaud is returning to General Hospital as Britt Westbourne.

Britt has a lot of unfinished business in Port Charles after sleeping with Julian, and leaving her mother in Pentonville after being framed by Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

Kelly Thiebaud’s character is involved with multiple current story lines, including, her mother’s arrest, her half brother, Peter’s crimes and highly anticipated exposure, involvement with Julian Jerome, and more. Needless to say, The Britch will be busy upon her return to Port Charles. We are excited to see why trouble she manages to stir up this time!

General Hospital Spoilers: Britt Goes After Peter, Schatzi Has Her Mutter’s Back

Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) aka Britta/The Britch/Schatzi is back in Port Charles and her impact will be big. Britt is already by her BFF Brad Cooper’s (Parry Shen) side after pleading guilty to kidnapping. However, Britt isn’t in Port Charles just to support Brad.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Britta will head over to see her Mutter in handcuffs. Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has been falsely accused and arrested thanks to Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Britt and Liesl have become very close as mother and daughter over the years. Britt is Liesl’s Schatzi, a German term meaning, “treasure.” Britt reciprocates the move by calling her Mother, Mutter. There is no way Britt is going to let her Mutter go down for a crime she didn’t commit.

General Hospital rumors imply that Britt will learn all about her brother, Peter and what he has done to the people of Port Charles. Britt really isn’t the type to care too much about the bad that happens to many others, but this is different since her own mom is about to go down for all of Peter’s crimes.

Will Britt be able to help clear Dr. Liesl Obrecht’s name and nail Peter?

General Hospital Spoilers: William DeVry Confirms Britt Westbourne and Julian and Hook Up

Photo from Twitter @williamdeVry1

General Hospital‘s William DeVry, aka Julian Jerome has taken to twitter to reveal a major General Hospital spoiler. Previous GH news confirmed in General Hospital comings and goings, the return of fan favorite The Britch, played by actress Kelly Thiebaud. Although in a recent interview regarding her return, she did mention her comeback would just be for a bit.

General Hospital spoilers reveal The Britt, Britt Westbourne, will be in town long enough to hook up with bad boy Julian Jerome.

These two characters don’t have a significant history so it will be interesting to see how this night of passion starts to play out. GH fans can’t help but wonder how these two will cross paths.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Gets a Surprise Visitor

The Nurses Ball will debut at the end of this week which means General Hospital is going to be full of surprises. This week, General Hospital spoilers were leaked, stating that Brad will be getting a surprise visitor.

Since Brad’s character hasn’t really been developed as far as long lost friends and family, it might be easy to assume that his surprise visit will be from none other than his bestie, The Britch, or Britt Westbourne if you will.

General Hospital Blog has previously reported that Kelly Thiebaud could be on her way back to General Hospital as Dr. Britt Westbourne. It looks as though those rumors are true and we will be seeing Britt as soon as this week on General Hospital.