General Hospital Breaking News: Tony Geary Says Goodbye to General Hospital

After all the hype and drama from GH’s May Sweeps and the Nurses Ball, huge casting news just broke out. For months, social media news has been going back and forth on the topic of Tony Geary and his status with ABC’s General Hospital.

After learning that Tony’s character, the legendary Luke Spencer has come full circle with the wrap up of the Fluke story line, Geary has decided to permanently quit his role on GH.

Emmy winning Tony Geary told TV Guide’s Michael Logan, “The closer it comes, there is less anxiety and dread at seeing the end of the tunnel and it’s more like nirvana because my life is now wide open.”

GH Blog would like to thank Tony Geary for 37 wonderful years of entertainment, and we wish him the best of luck in his life going forward.

General Hospital News: ABC Prohibits Actors From Attending Emmy After Party

It appears that the drama doesn’t only happen on screen in a fictional city we like to call Port Charles. According to the latest from TV Guide’s Michael Logan, there is ongoing drama between ABC and CBS networks.

CBS’ Daytime talk show called The Talk is hosting a Daytime Emmy after party for those Daytime Emmy winners. Should any actors from General Hospital take home an Emmy on April 26th, ABC is not allowing them to attend The Talk‘s post Emmy special.

Apparently there is an ongoing feud between ABC and CBS, and the executives over at ABC do not want General Hospital actors involved in the CBS network show. ABC officals have not commented on this alleged feud, nor have they confirmed that this is indeed a wish of theirs, that the actors must avoid the post-Emmy party hosted by The Talk.

Take a look at TV Guide’s Michael Logan’s tweet referring to the recent allegations.


The TRUTH About Why Steve Burton Left General Hospital

The last few weeks have been crazy with the announcement of Billy Miller (ex Y&R star), coming to General Hospital. It has been rumored for months that Miller would replace Steve Burton as the legendary mob enforcer, Jason Morgan.

In a recent interview with TV Guide’s Michael Logan, Steve Burton wanted to set the record straight and let everything know why he left General Hospital. He said that money was definitely an issue, and when it was time for Burton’s contract to be up, executives over at General Hospital were not willing to negotiate. Burton said to Logan, “What you and I both know – that ‘GH’ didn’t make a deal with me. And that’s the truth. My contract was up and they didn’t want to play ball and make it work. At the time, I didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus over there but of course, as soon as it was announced I was going to “Y&R,” people thought the whole thing was planned by Jill on Day 1, which it was not.” Steve Burton stated that he did not necessarily want to leave his 20 year role of Jason Morgan and that GH had the opportunity to bring him back. That being said, he wants fans to know that going to The Young and the Restless was not a set up between himself and Jill Farren Phelps. Burton did what was best for himself and for his family at that time.

Steve Burton is now happy over at The Young and the Restless although sad that things didn’t work out for him over at General Hospital. It has been said that the door is always open for Burton at GH, but for now he will be staying at Y&R as Dylan.



Billy Miller Coming to General Hospital! “Done Deal.”

For months now it has been rumored that the Young and the Restless star, Billy Miller will be joining the cast of General Hospital as a replacement for Steve Burton’s iconic role of Jason Morgan.

We may now have confirmation that this once rumor, is now a true fact. TV Guide’s Michael Logan tweeted that he heard Billy Miller is coming to GH. Will Billy Miller be playing Jason Morgan or an entirely different character?

Check out the tweet below!


Who is Staying in Port Charles? Who Will be Leaving?

General Hosptal’s 50th anniversary brought back many familiar faces. Some we expected to see and others came as a complete shock. Have you been wondering which of these characters will be sticking around and for how long? We have some answers for you. In an interview with TV Guide, Ron Carlivati gives fans the inside scoop on the actors/characters comings and going.

Luke, Laura, and Scotty’s love triangle still has room to grow. Even after Luke and Laura get back from their adventure of saving their daughter, Lulu, these three characters will be sticking around so that Luke, Laura, and Scotty can work things out.

Carlivati states that Lucy Coe and her portrayer Lynn Herring will be sticking around Port Charles for a long while. He even says, “I think Lucy is already planning next year’s Nurses Ball!”

Felicia (Kristina Wagner) had to choose between the two great loves of her life, Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Mac John York). She chose Mac and now Frisco is bitter and angry. Maxie is having a baby in a few months so this does leave an opening for a possible visit from Frisco in the near future.

Ingo Rademacher (Jax) scored a spot on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars so GH had less time to work with him. The whole story with Brenda, Michael and Carly was a quick decision after Ingo was set to be on DWTS.

Regarding Nurse Bobbi (Jackie Zeman), Carlivati tells TV Guide that she will be leaving Port Charles. But he says she will definitely be returning to Port Charles for other important events.

There as been a lot of back and forth regarding whether or not John Stamos will be reprising his role as Blackie Parrish. Carlivati explains threat there was a lot of confusion and miscommunication when it comes to Stamos. He also mentions that there is still a possibility for his return in the future.

Those at GH plan to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary all year long. This leaves a lot of time for more intense, classic GH stories involving vet characters.

For more in depth information on this interview please visit www.tvguide.com


TV Guide Interview with Ron Carlivati: Cassadine Island, Sam’s Daddy, The Return of Stavros and More!

Today’s General Hospital revealed yet another well kept secret… GH’s  Stavros Cassadine played by Robert Kelker Kelly has returned from the dead. And who thought the Cassadine/Spencer war was over? Luke, Laura, and Lulu are in a world of danger with this psychotic villain in the picture. Check out the TV Guide interview with General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati. He touches on hot topics such as Helena, The Spencer/Cassadines, Sam’s Daddy and more!

Check out the interview by clicking here.

Back from the Dead: Chris Robinson Returns to GH as Dr. Rick Webber

The surprises just keep on coming! Hey, wasn’t he supposed to be dead?! Why yes, yes he was. Welcome to Soap Opera universe, where the impossible is more than possible. The character ofDr. Rick Webber was popular during the 70’s and 80’s and played opposite Monica, Alan, and Lesley. With Laura and Scotty back in POrt Charles, this story could reall all tie together. Back in 2002, Laura, (Rick’s Step-Daughter) was the supposed killer of Rick, but Scotty Baldwin was the actual killer.They made it out as if Dr. Webber had turned into a villain to justify his murder. TV Guide revelas that Chris Robinson will be filming his first scenes with co-star Lesley Charleson (Dr. Monica Quartermaine).

Actor Chris Robinson was working on a movie, a Western film, The Foresaken, when he got the call from ABC that they wanted him back at GH. Although the return of Dr. Rock Webber is definitely a surprise, the character is not returning just for the celebration of GH’s 50th anniversary. Ron Carlivati stated that his return has to do with ‘damage control.” Damage that was done to a classic vet character and now must be redeemed. In TV Guide’s article, Carlivati says, “I grew up loving Rick and Monica — to me, as a young fan, they were what GH was all about — and I really wanted to find a way to bring Rick back despite his death.” He adds, “I also couldn’t imagine Rick would do some of the horrible things he did in his last appearance. That wasn’t the Rick Webber I remembered!” In no way is Carlivati criticizing the work of past writers, he just feels that there is a way to redeem this character even after his supposed death.

Expect to see his first scenes April 1st, 2013.

Will OLTL Stars Depart Port Charles?

With the news regarding Prospect Park’s revival of the retired ABC Soap Opera OLTL brings uncertainty to fans in regards to actors Alderson, Howarth, and Easton. Since the ending of OLTL, ABC soap stars Roger Howarth (Todd Manning), Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning), and Michael Easton (John McBain), have found a home on the set of General Hospital, carrying on the legacy of their original OLTL characters to Port Charles. Since OLTL will be making it’s comeback online, there has been word that these three stars will be headed back to OLTL’s Llanview. Check out the full TV Guide article here.