November Sweeps: A Nik/Liz Romance in the Works, Franco and Ava on the Backburner

By now the audience as gotten the drift that there may be a huge General Hospital return in the very near future. General Hospital spoilers have already revealed that Elizabeth will receive a phone call this week. General Hospital comings and goings have been reported, claiming the character, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) will be returning to Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers regarding Ava being watched have also toyed around with the person being Nikolas.

Elizabeth and Nikolas have a long history of friendship and romance. As for now, Liz is trying her hardest to fight for Franco. If her efforts fail, and Franco remains with Drew’s memories, she will lose her husband. Just as Nikolas was “shot” in front of Ava’s eyes. the two were just starting a mutual attraction.

Will Ava and Nikolas be able to pick up where they left off, or will his oldest and dearest friend become his love yet again?

The role of Nikolas Cassadine may be recast. General Hospital Blog will keep fans freshly updated on the status of the actor’s return or entry to General Hospital/

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