General Hospital News: Maurice Benard Honors Tyler Christopher With State Of Mind Tribute- “Cause I Really Thought It Was The Last Time I Was Gonna See Him, And It Was”

Maurice Benard Honors Tyler Christopher in State of Mind Tribute
Maurice Benard honors Tyler Christopher in State of Mind Tribute

The daytime television world was shaken to its core when the Emmy winning, General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives star, Tyler Christopher died suddenly. He was only 50 years old. Recently, he had bravely opened up about his life and the hardships that he faced due to mental illness and addiction.

Previously reported, GH Blog shared the news after General Hospital’s Maurice Benard broke the devastating news via social media. General Hospital news reports confirmed that Tyler Christopher died on October 31st, 2023.

As the community mourned Tyler’s passing, many took the opportunity to spread mental health awareness. Particularly, Tyler’s friend and former co-star Maurice Benard. Tyler joined Benard on his YouTube series, State of Mind, and discussed mental illness, addictions and other life experiences and struggles. Tyler’s vulnerability and strength were transparent in his interview as his darkest hours were aired for all to learn.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Maurice has re-aired Tyler Christopher’s State of Mind episode. Additionally, Maurice Benard honors Tyler Christopher in a State of Mind tribute.

For the full interview, make sure to check out Maurice’s State of Mind interview with Tyler Christopher. I think that I’ve watched it four times now. Twice before Tyler’s unexpected passing, and twice hereafter.

Please continue to keep Tyler’s family in your prayers as they process the news and grieve for their loss.

If you know anyone who shows signs of mental illness and addiction, do your best to be what that person needs. Never kick someone when they’re down, and always extend a kind word. It could save a life. Please spread mental health awareness!