General Hospital Spoilers: Rumors Surrounding Brenda’s Return Create Speculation Around Betty and Dex

Dex and Betty Sonny and Brenda’s kids

Are Dex and Betty Sonny and Brenda’s kids?! …Let’s be honest, Vanessa Marcil as General Hospital’s feisty Brenda Barrett is an icon. If you’re a GH fan then you know the impact Marcil’s role has had on the show. Therefore, there isn’t a period of time when GH fans don’t hope for her to return.

Meanwhile, Brenda’s popularity has fans hanging on to hope for decades, especially with it comes to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Of course, Brenda Barrett is a force on her own. Whether she’s single or paired with one of Port Charles’s most powerful men, Brenda can hold her own. Die hard Sonny and Brenda fans keep the faith when it comes to those two reuniting.

According to recent GH spoilers and rumors Dex and Betty could be working together. For the full story, click HERE. Due to these recent rumors, GH fans speculate that there’s much more to Betty (Ella Lentini) and Dex (Evan Hofer) than meets the eye. Additionally, GH rumors surrounding Brenda’s return raise questions. For months, fans have wondered where Dex comes from and who is biological parents are. From Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to Sonny Corinthos, fans continue to guess who Dex’s father is.

That being said, some GH rumors tease that Dex is Sonny and Brenda’s son. So, in the light of the newest GH rumors, some wonder if Dex and Betty are twins who are after their father. And their mother… is none other than Brenda Barrett! What do you think? Could these two sneaky cats be in Port Charles to take Sonny down?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Vanessa Marcil Makes Bold Statement About Sonny’s True Soulmate, Weighs In On Love Triangle!

Some legendary content developed from the passionate and even volatile relationship brought out by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil).

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm actress Vanessa Marcil gave her take on some GH related topics during a lm Instagram Live. The Sonny and Brenda fan group in Insta shared the stage with Marcil in a live chat where she was asked questions by the fans and divulged some information on her own.

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) fans might take this argument outside after learning what Vanessa has to say about Sonny and Brenda. General Hospital spoilers reveal Vanessa has named herself (as Brenda) to be Sonny’s soulmate. When asked about returning to the daytime drama, Marcil disclosed, “I am Sonny’s soulmate. She’ll always, always return out of love to get her man.” Carly fans all over are in an uproar with the opposing view that Carly is somehow NOT Sonny’s true soulmate. We won’t spend too much time fretting about that one. At the end of the day, it’s a soap opera, right? And besides, that’s to be determined by Sonny himself ????

General Hospital spoilers reveal Vanessa went on to talk about her days at GH, working with Maurice. She assures sans that Brenda is alive and living in Rome. She teases, “Sonny is there every weekend. But you guys just don’t know it yet.”

Marcil reflected on her favorite time in Port Charles, which is when Brenda returned the most recent time. She says she does it solely out of passion for her work now that according to the actress, daytime actors have “taken like 80 percent pay cuts.”

When asked about her take on what’s currently going down with her leading man Sonny Corinthos, his wife Carly, and his side piece, Nina, Marcil didn’t shy from expressing her opinion. She stated, “Sonny’s a whore. He sleeps with everybody.” She added, “I think it’s because you guys wanna see him without his shirt on.”

Sonny’s world has been turned upside down how that he and Carly Corinthos are over. Although he has Nina, Sonny’s isn’t himself without Carly- but maybe Brenda could fill that void?!

Vanessa Marcil Returns, Brenda Barrett Headed to Port Charles

Vanessa Marcil has played the unforgettable role of Brenda Barrett on and off on General Hospital for many years. Vanessa originated the role in 1992, and later left the role for 4 years, to return again in short term appearances.

Brenda Barrett and mobster Sonny Corinthos had an epic love affair that fans still swoon over to this day. Brenda has also been in love with another high powered Port Charles businessman, Jasper Jacks. Sonny and Jacks have been at odds for years as they were both in love with the beautiful Brenda.

Recently, Vanessa spoke with Soaps in Depth regarding the possible return of her character, Brenda. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the actress has been talking to sources at SID about a possible return to GH. Marcil said, “There’s always conversations. I’m a big fan of surprises, there won’t be an announcement before you see me on air. Like how they brought me back during the 2013 Nurses Ball, I was on set before people found out.”

Vanessa may be returning to the canvas, but it is uncertain whether she would be a long term player. She is currently working on other projects, including opening a restaurant.

No confirmations of her return have been made, and Executive Producer, Frank Valentini has not commented on either side of this news.

Now that Carly and Sonny seem to be in a happy place together once again, do you think it’s time for Brenda to waltz in and make a mess of things for Carly? Let us know what you think? Are you excited at the possibility of having Brenda Barrett back in Port Charles?

Which One of These 90’s Fan Favorites is Headed to Port Charles?

There have been a lot of fans asking about one particular character that has been a fan favorite since the 90s. Social media sites are flooded with fans assuming that the return of one of their favorite characters is now underway.

General Hospital in the 90s was one of the greatest times in the show’s history. There was Robin and Stone, Jason, AJ, Karen and Jagger, Sonny and Brenda, Lily, Miguel, and more. It was an exciting time for the youth because a lot of the main focus were on the high school aged teens like Brenda, Karen, Robin, Stone, and Jason.

So which fan favorite of the 90s is said to be making a comeback?

Now there hasn’t been any confirmation from ABC or the Executives over at General Hospital, but there has been a lot of talk that Vanessa Marcil will be headed back to Port Charles this Summer to reprise her role as the beautiful Brenda Barrett.

Fans are already speculating and romanticizing a story for their beloved Brenda. Many want her to claim her man (Sonny), while teaming up with Carly to take Ava down. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?! Carly and Brenda on the same side! Others want Jax to make a come back as well.  With all the talk of Fluke being Harlan Barrett, fans have also theorized that Brenda will make her comeback when the identity of Fluke is revealed. If you are ready for Brenda to return to Port Charles, comment below with your perfect scenario story line involving Brenda!

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on any confirmation of this news.

Brenda Leaves Port Charles

Brenda and Sonny are one of the most memorable and loved couples in soap history. Their on-again off-again heated love story has had fans devoted for over 20 years. This couple has it all. Stunning good looks, romance, drama, love/hate, and an indescribable connection that will forever keep these two drawn to one another. They have been through it all, the good, the bad, the amazing, and the horrifying and no matter what happens, they still remain in each other’s lives. Yesterday, Brenda didn’t want to say goodbye, instead they said, “Until next time.” Brenda has left Port Charles once again but keeps an open door for Sonny to walk back into her life.

Do you think Sonny and Brenda are destined to be together? Is there still hope for them, or should they leave their love in the past?

Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher Returning to GH for 50th Anniversary

Soap Opera Digest reports via Facebook that Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) and Ingo Rademacher (Jax) will be returning for General Hospital’s 50th anniversary, and will arrive in Port Charles before April 1st.  Ingo’s role as Jax will be brief as he will have his dancing shoes on for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Vanessa states that she likes Frank Valentini (Executive Producer), and is excited and honored that she is able to come in and out of the show.

This is such exciting news and I cannot wait to see these two fan favorites back in Port Charles.