Brenda Leaves Port Charles

Brenda and Sonny are one of the most memorable and loved couples in soap history. Their on-again off-again heated love story has had fans devoted for over 20 years. This couple has it all. Stunning good looks, romance, drama, love/hate, and an indescribable connection that will forever keep these two drawn to one another. They have been through it all, the good, the bad, the amazing, and the horrifying and no matter what happens, they still remain in each other’s lives. Yesterday, Brenda didn’t want to say goodbye, instead they said, “Until next time.” Brenda has left Port Charles once again but keeps an open door for Sonny to walk back into her life.

Do you think Sonny and Brenda are destined to be together? Is there still hope for them, or should they leave their love in the past?