General Hospital Spoilers: A Week of Reveals!

This week on General Hospital, spoilers let fans know that this will will be a week you definitely DON’T WANT TO MISS! Many mysteries have been left unsolved for far too long and this week, fans will be getting the answers they have been waiting for.

There is a lot going on with the residents of Port Charles and it’s imperative that the audience doesn’t miss a beat. Jake still doesn’t know that he is the one who kidnapped Sam at gunpoint, Sam still has her hunch that it was indeed Jake who grabbed her, and she is on a mission to find out what happened to the Phoenix.

As Jake is beating himself up, trying to figure out what has been happening to his memory lapses, Carly is right by his side, assisting him in recovering his memory. Ultimately, Carly reveals her suspicions about Jake’s extra curricular activities.

Around town, Fluke is causing problems for Sonny and Julian. Dante breaks into the old Spencer family home and Fluke catches him.

Silas pays Ava a visit. What news could he have for her?

Franco has a proposition for Sonny and Julian… Sonny, Julian, Franco, and Ava form an unlikely alliance. Will they use the power of 4 to try and break out of Pentonville?


Brad confesses to Lucas.

Nina is in danger. From Heather?

Dante makes a shocking discovery about Luke.

There isn’t a party in Port Charles that hasn’t gone down in flames. Why would this time be any different?

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Going Dark for Remainder of October!

Social media and internet news have made it extremely easy for fans to get their hands on the hot scoops and General Hospital spoilers in recent years. GH Spoilers are constantly being leaked and they trickle down from major magazines, to news sites, fan pages, GH message boards, and so on.

We at General Hospital Blog always have new General Hospital spoilers for fans on our SPOILERS and PREVIEWS page. Scope out our spoilers NOW before General Hospital goes dark this month! Going dark means that no more spoilers will be leaked for the month of November. This is the executives way of preparing more drama and excitement for November Sweeps! So if you need to get your hands on what’s going to happen next, it is suggested that you head over to General Hospital Blog Spoilers and Previews for your last glimpse before November Sweeps!

Ned Ashton’s Father Returns to Port Charles!

It has been a long time since the residents of Port Charles have seen this man’s face. It has been confirmed that the father of Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth), Larry Ashton, played by Hugo Napier will be returning to the canvas very soon. Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and her son Ned are taken by surprise when Larry returns to PC.

Hugo Napier stepped onto the GH canvas back in 1988. Back then, he was out for treasure and Tracy was the same black mailing money woman she is today. She blackmailed the father of her son to give her and Ned a piece of the pie when he had his hands on the treasure. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way Ashton planned and he left town.

In 1991, Larry Ashton returned to Port Charles and work along side Harlan Barrett and Cesar Faison. Needless to say, they were up to no good. Tracy was a pawn in their game of trying to take over ELQ. Paul Hornsby was to marry Tracy in order to gain control of the Quartermaine family company. Fortunately for the Quartermaine’s, their plan was unsuccessful.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Hugo Napier will be returning to General Hospital to reprise his role as Larry Ashton. As if Tracy didn’t have enough going on in her life right now as she is trying to figure out what is going on with her current husband, or the man she thinks is her husband, Luke (not Luke) Spencer, Larry Ashton decides to stroll on in.

With such ties to Cesar Faison and Harlan Barrett, could Larry Ashton have something to do with fake Luke?

It is uncertain at this time as to when Larry Ashton will make his debut in Port Charles. General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on Hugo Napier’s status with General Hospital.

General Hospital’s Best Kept Secret

ABC’s General Hospital has had 51 years to keep it’s fans coming back for more. There has been so much drama and suspense throughout the years that lure us to tune in every single day. We feed off the “who done its” and the “cliffhanger Fridays.” We even get frustrated with storylines at times because the mysteries are so intense and we are too impatient (with excitement) to wait and see how it all unfolds.

Throughout the years there have been many stories that have kept us on our toes, kept us guessing, and frustrated us to no end, just to try and figure out who was behind a murder, who is really someone’s baby’s father, who kidnapped someone’s child(ren), who is the masked man, etc.

In recent years, there have been mysteries from the text message killer, to what happened to and who was behind Robin Scorpio Drake’s disappearance, what really happened to Jason Morgan the night he was shot and fell in to water, Who caused Patrick and Sabrina’s accident, Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) in the Metro Court hostage crisis, and many, many more.

Currently, General Hospital writers are doing an excellent job with the keeping Fake Luke’s identity a mystery. Every single GH message board, GH Facebook group, fan page, blog, twitter, tumblr, and any other form of fan participation in the media is constantly stirring about who Fluke really is. In this age of General Hospital, it is safe to say that Fluke’s true identity has been General Hospital’s best kept secret. Everyone has their educated guess based on characters of the past and storylines that involve villains who hate Sonny, want revenge on Luke, is a pervert, and wants to take over ELQ, It seems that no one is 100% sure on who exactly fits that bill. Suggestions from Damien Smith, to Anthony Zacchara, and Jerry Jacks to Helena Cassadine are filling the fan sites. Everyone has their reasons for theorizing the upcoming plot involving the real Luke Spencer, and his impostor Fluke.

Fans have been waiting months for this story to unfold. Since Tony Geary is out on medical leave after having back surgeries, he will not be back to tape until this coming Fall. Writers and Producers have stated that fans won’t be finding out who the secret mob kingpin really is until at least October. General Hospital Blog would like to know who you think could be behind the biggest mob ring in Port Charles. WHO IS FLUKE, and which storyline (past or present) do YOU think is GH’s best kept secret? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.