General Hospital’s Best Kept Secret

ABC’s General Hospital has had 51 years to keep it’s fans coming back for more. There has been so much drama and suspense throughout the years that lure us to tune in every single day. We feed off the “who done its” and the “cliffhanger Fridays.” We even get frustrated with storylines at times because the mysteries are so intense and we are too impatient (with excitement) to wait and see how it all unfolds.

Throughout the years there have been many stories that have kept us on our toes, kept us guessing, and frustrated us to no end, just to try and figure out who was behind a murder, who is really someone’s baby’s father, who kidnapped someone’s child(ren), who is the masked man, etc.

In recent years, there have been mysteries from the text message killer, to what happened to and who was behind Robin Scorpio Drake’s disappearance, what really happened to Jason Morgan the night he was shot and fell in to water, Who caused Patrick and Sabrina’s accident, Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) in the Metro Court hostage crisis, and many, many more.

Currently, General Hospital writers are doing an excellent job with the keeping Fake Luke’s identity a mystery. Every single GH message board, GH Facebook group, fan page, blog, twitter, tumblr, and any other form of fan participation in the media is constantly stirring about who Fluke really is. In this age of General Hospital, it is safe to say that Fluke’s true identity has been General Hospital’s best kept secret. Everyone has their educated guess based on characters of the past and storylines that involve villains who hate Sonny, want revenge on Luke, is a pervert, and wants to take over ELQ, It seems that no one is 100% sure on who exactly fits that bill. Suggestions from Damien Smith, to Anthony Zacchara, and Jerry Jacks to Helena Cassadine are filling the fan sites. Everyone has their reasons for theorizing the upcoming plot involving the real Luke Spencer, and his impostor Fluke.

Fans have been waiting months for this story to unfold. Since Tony Geary is out on medical leave after having back surgeries, he will not be back to tape until this coming Fall. Writers and Producers have stated that fans won’t be finding out who the secret mob kingpin really is until at least October. General Hospital Blog would like to know who you think could be behind the biggest mob ring in Port Charles. WHO IS FLUKE, and which storyline (past or present) do YOU think is GH’s best kept secret? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.