General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Warns Fan, “Hold Your Horses,” Assures Fans, “Sonny’s Coming…”

Sonny Corinthos is back! Are the days of “SMike” over? Sonny Corinthos’s mob life resulted in an identity crisis. After suffering amnesia, entrapment, deception, and false reality, Sonny as we knew him was gone.

General Hospital recaps recall Sonny’s devastating transformation two years ago. His amnesia gave Nina the prime opportunity to make her move. Ad a result, she took advantage of his vulnerability. After that, choices made about Sonny’s own life were made by the man he became after Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) knowingly kept him from his wife and children.

General Hospital rumors indicate that it’s time “Mike” exits stage left and Sonny Corinthos steps back into the life he was meant to live.

In a recent Twitter conversation, General Hospital’s leading man gave insight on whats ahead for Sonny Corinthos. A fan tweeted about Sonny returning as himself after being trapped inside of “Mike.” That said, GH rumors speculate that the upcoming mob drama will bring out what we’ve all been missing- the TRUE Sonny Corinthos!The Emmy winner warned fans to, “hold onto your horses,” when it comes to seeing Sonny again. He added, “you will see him slowly, but surely.”

After reading Benard’s tweet, fans rest assure we haven’t seen the last of the legendary mobster. His statement definitely sounds like a promise; one that Maurice Benard is going to keep. According to GH spoilers and rumors, Sonny finds his way back to Carly.

We look forward to seeing it all unfold!

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General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Gives An Inside Look At Sonny And Carly’s New Normal

Will Sonny and Carly get back together

Will Sonny and Carly get back together? That seems to be the question everyone is asking these days. It’s been about two years since Carly and Sonny have been a happy couple and fans are still not used to the change.

General Hospital recaps recall Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) headed off to Aruba for some professional development and personal insight. She had just suffered two huge losses in her life and Carly was trying to find her way. It took about a year before her husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) returned from his presumed death.

The Corinthos family mourned it’s leader while life inevitably carried on. Sonny’s return home to his family moved the entire city of Port Charles. Carly had stepped into the mob business and proved she can swing in the big leagues. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Carly even came up with a sure fire way to protect themselves and each other from the dangers of the business. They decided to get married for professional reasons but old feelings began to resurface. Sonny’s return turned the tables, she and Jason went back to being just friends and all seemed right in the world. However, things weren’t right at all. Sonny was keeping secrets from his wife after being apart for so long. What happened after that is what lead Carly to who she is today.

Carly’s Life Changing Decision

Carly’s trip to Aruba never came to be because her plane was derailed, landing in Jacksonville, Florida. But her plane wasn’t the only thing taking an unexpected turn. After she landed in her hometown where she was forced to face her past, Carly made a life changing decision after landing in Jacksonville, being forced to face her past.

General Hospital news and spoilers give insight on Carly’s new identity. Laura Wright opens up about Carly’s decision to separate her identity from her ex husband. Carly Corinthos became a thing of her past after taking on the surname Spencer. There is so much more to Carly than being Sonny’s wife.

GH spoilers reveal details of Laura’s recent interview with Soaps In Depth. GH’s leading lady gave fans insight on Carly’s new sense of self; separate from Sonny. Wright admits, “I think Carly realizes her world doesn’t revolve around Sonny,” Laura explained. “When I first started, Carly wanted Sonny back and her family together with him, no matter what, at all costs. It didn’t happen immediately — she fell in love with Jax for five or six years — and when she finally got back together with Sonny, it was like, ‘Right, this is what it should be.’

Laura goes on the describe Carly and Sonny’s connection as they went through life together. “There were family and life experiences that helped her evolve,” she stated. “They buried their son together and she was by Sonny’s side when his father took his last breath. I think life hands you situations and circumstances, especially once you have children, that force you to show up differently every day.”

Will Sonny and Carly Get Back Together?

Sonny and Carly were a team and neither could imagine life without the other. Until one day, Carly had no choice but to carry on alone in the life they built together. At that point Carly was grateful she had Jason to turn to. Then Sonny returned and for a moment the wrongs in her life were suddenly right. When that began to fall apart Carly had a different outlook this time. She was just longer going to fight for Sonny to be by her side no matter what. Losing Sonny made her realize she’s capable of surviving and thriving without him. And if he wanted to choose his feelings for Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) over his wife and the life they had together then so be it. 

“When Sonny fell off the bridge and Carly thought he was dead, that was a whole new world,” Wright confessed. “Sonny had amnesia, but they both had to figure out how to live without the other, and that really was the final shift, I think for Carly to realize, ‘I can do it on my own.’ And now she’s having to do it without Jason.”

“So I think the major change or evolution came in the last year and a half, when Sonny was presumed dead and he came back and didn’t choose her and their family, and Jason died,” Laura reminded. “The rug was truly pulled out from under her and she had to figure out how to rise again and stand on her own two feet. So I think you are really looking at a very different Carly.”

Marie is an avid General Hospital fan. Her passion for writing and the compelling nature of the storylines is a perfect equation for writing a GH blog. Micki has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University and spends time writing poetry and song lyrics.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Answers Fan’s Burning Question; Is Carly Leaving General Hospital?

Laura Wright Carly leaving General Hospital

Is Carly leaving General Hospital? Laura Wright has been General Hospital’s leading lady and overall daytime Queen for decades. Carly Corinthos, now known as Carly Spencer, has become irreplaceable to many.

Laura’s acting career debut began in 1991 as Ally Bowman on Loving. She continued her career in daytime as Cassie Layne on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. Before long, Wright would go on to claim the role as ABC’s iconic Carly Corinthos. Laura became the fourth actress to star in the role aside the acclaimed Maurice Benard. Their characters Sonny and Carly Corinthos became one of the most iconic tv couples and hold that status still today.

Although Sonny and Carly are currently on the outs, fans remain hopeful they will someday reunite. General Hospital rumors claimed Laura Wright was set to exit, raising fan’s burning question… Is Carly leaving General Hospital? According to recent General Hospital spoilers and news, Laura has addressed the rumors in a tweet. The Emmy winner seemed confused when asked if the rumors of her exit were true. GH comings and goings spoilers reveal Laura set the record straight as she replied publicly via Twitter. Fans can drop the exit rumors bow that Laura has confirmed she isn’t leaving and she isn’t sure why people keep spreading rumors- with an added, ”ha,” at the end.

We are extremely relieved Laura has set the record straight and confirmed she (and Carly) will be sticking around Port Charles!

Marie is an avid General Hospital fan. Her passion for writing and the compelling nature of the storylines is a perfect equation for writing a GH blog. Micki has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University and spends time writing poetry and song lyrics.