Tony Geary Will Be Honored By ABC.com as Part of His Farewell

LukeEmmySaying goodbye to Tony Geary (and Luke Spencer) after 37 years isn’t going to be easy for fans. Ever since the announcement made by Geary that he will be retiring this July, there has been an outpouring of well wishes, along with expressions of sadness to see him go.

The ABC network has been a home to Tony for over 3 decades, and will come to a close at the end of July. ABC.com will be honoring Tony Geary with the release of his iconic moments in daytime history. Starting July 13th, ABC.com will be releasing his most memorable moments. This 8 time Daytime Emmy winner has numerous Emmy nominated performances and memorable moments throughout the years.

Which Luke Spencer scenes have made the most impact on you? Let us know what you would like to see in the release of these iconic scenes and events over the past 28 years.