Tony Geary Leaves GH, He Explains, “I Need to Clear My Head Out”

There has been a lot of back and forth in regard to the status of GH vet, Anthony Geary, whether or not he will be leaving General Hospital after the big Fluke/Spencer family reveal.

We finally know the truth the the fan’s burning question, ‘Is Anthony Geary leaving General Hospital?’ Fans, fear not, because there has been no confirmation of the rumors circulating that Geary would be retiring his 37 year role on GH as Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. However, in the most recent issue of Soaps in Depth, Geary told the magazine that he has briefly left GH. He stated, “I need to clear my head out.” With all the in and out Luke does in Port Charles, his absence will easily fit into the story line. He continues on to say, “it’s while they’re deciding legally whether he’s going to Pentonville or the loony bin.”

Anthony Geary will already be back on set taping this month. He is expected to be seen on screen some time in May. Enjoy the good news!