Who is Trina Robinson? Could Trina Be a Cassadine?

Let us help you out if you need something to jog your memory. There are so many characters and story lines that come and go, it’s hard to store them all in your memory bank. It was the year 2000, a new millenium, and General Hospital introduced a new character, Gia Campbell (Marisa Ramirez). Gia and Nikolas met under peculiar circumstances after he and his friends, Lucky Spencer and Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) in an attempt to catch the person blackmailing Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston). Gia took the bait, but she agreed to help them instead, and made her way to Port Charles. However, Gia didn’t want her brother, Taggart, knowing she was in town. Nikolas and Gia hit it off pretty quickly, leading to a marriage proposal. In between, Nik had asked Gia to move in as she was the shoulder he leaned on after his uncle Stefan returned from the dead. Ultimately, Nikolas had to break things off with Gia in order to protect her from his psycho grandmother, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). There’s so much more to the Gia and Nikolas story through history, but now we will focus on the present.

General Hospital rumors have been swirling and fans have been wondering who exactly is Trina Robinson? GH views are tossed around the idea of Trina being related to Stella (Vernee Watson), and possibly being Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore). However, one GH theory has stuck with many views. Perhaps due to the surprise comeback of Nikolas Cassadine shortly after the arrival of Trina Robins, fans have been trying to put the pieces together. Currently Trina is Josslyn Jacks’ best friend, she is part of the new generation of General Hospital teens, and has been true and loyal to her friends.

Anything is possible in the world of Daytime TV, and bringing up characters from the past to tie the younger generations to the history of the show is extremely common in building these story lines.

Nikolas and Gia had a fiery romance and a memorable love story. Whose to say Gia didn’t get pregnant before she left Port Charles? Could it be? Is Trina really the newest Cassadine?

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