John McBain (Michael Easton) Leaves Port Charles

John McBain played by Michael Easton is leaving Port Charles and heading back to Llanview. It’s said that McBain will leave PC to be with his girlfriend Natalie and son Liam. But before you get upset that this new leading guy is splitting the scene, have no fear because word is out that he will only be gone temporarily and will be back at the end of Summer.

7 Replies to “John McBain (Michael Easton) Leaves Port Charles”

  1. He has to come back! He and Sam have so much chemistry! I loved them together on Port Charles and I am so excited that he is on GH now!! I hope he is here to stay and he and Sam end up together!

  2. I agree with you, Lisa. I loved John McBain on OLTL and I love him even more on GH. And you’re right – Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have so much natural chemistry. It would be a shame for them NOT to take advantage of it on GH. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sam and Jason. But Sam and John are HOT!!!

  3. R u crazy!John and Natalie belong together. Sam needs to leave or give her someone else to cling on to.maybe johnny. They might be a good match

  4. ♪♫Oh, say can you see…. John & Sam’s hott chem-is-try ♫♪
    I’m not sure if this is a “spoiler free” zone but I just read there are going to be some ‘fireworks’ when he comes back!!

    I love McBam!! **McBOOM!!**

  5. I just love John McBain! I’m so glad he returned so soon. I love the story between John and Sam…I didn’t know they were in another soap as a couple until YouTube. Anyone who loves John and Sam or not sure if you want them together then watch Caleb and Livvie on YouTube (Insatiable). Guaranteed you will root for these two to reunite. Just a tip for anyone in charge… Please…John and Jason need to wear something other than black, and Sam is such a beautiful woman…she should change her wardrobe and sexy it up a bit.

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