Who is Connie Falconeri’s Son?

Now that we know the truth about Connie and her baby, as this story unfolds, I am sure Connie will reunite with her son in some way. So who is Connie’s son? I have heard two potential names thrown around. First, and in my opinion, the best outcome, is Spinelli. We already know that Spinelli was raised by his Grandmother, not his parents, so there is an opening right there. I would like her son to end up being a very relevant character not a newbie like the second name I read floating around. Some question whether Trey, the producer of Mob Princess is Connie’s son. I really hope this isn’t the case. I am not a fan of this character and he has no relevance or importance to GH. He has been on for about five minutes! Obviously, both of these potential people could be completely wrong. So, who would you want to see as Connie’s young adult son?

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  1. I really hope it’s Spinelli!!! That would make the most sense and be a great story to tell!!!

    If it’s Trey then all I can say is Trey who. I couldn’t care less and I don’t like the character or the actor so it’s a total fail to me!!!

  2. I think Kristen Storms should definatly return as Maxie to GH because she is an amazing actress plus ever since day one of this new actress coming on the show to play the character of Maxie I have been thinking having her fill in for Kirsten while she is ill or has some thing else going on is one thing but to have her take over that role completly is just insane. She is no where near as good of an actress as Kirsten is she not even in the same league. I also am wondering what the producers and the writer’s were even thinking about when they decided to have a new actress play the role of the character Kristinia on the show it ‘s the same exact thing this new actress is not even in the same zip code as the original actress who was playing Kristina on the show bring her back and tell the new actress to take a hike. Also has General Hospital now entered the twigh light zone because what in the hell were they thinking when they introduced this new character of Trey on to the show this guy guy sucks and the character he plays is a real dush bag my dog could do better acting the producers and the writer’s and the casting crew need to toss that guy and that character back to Siberia where he came from.

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