General Hospital Spoilers: Franco is Shocked by Nina’s Announcement

The end of this week on General Hospital is going to be HUGE!

In the past, we got used to Nina and Franco scheming together, pulling the wool over the eyes of Port Charles… but this time, even Franco is shocked by what Nina has to say.

According to the most recent General Hospital spoilers, among other crazy drama, crazy Nina decides to make an announcement by week’s end. Nina is in this one alone, as rumors suggest that Franco has no idea what Nina is about to say.

Can you make a guess as to what is on Nina’s mind? What announcement could she possibly make then shocks even her crazy counterpart, Franco? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


General Hospital Spoilers: Ellie Returns to Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that actress Emily Wilson (Ellie Trout) has made an announcement to Soap Opera Digest that she was asked to reprise her role as the quirky, nerdy, lab genius, and girlfriend of Damian Spinelli.

As we know, Ellie and Spinelli moved to Portland Oregon for  to pursue Ellie’s career. Spinelli was granted custody of his daughter, baby Georgie, and she lived with the intelligent pair. Since then, the two broke up and Spinelli has moved back to Port Charles with his daughter, and he, Georgie, and Maxie are currently back together as a family.

Ellie will make her way to Port Charles tomorrow, April 14th. Emily Wilson tells Soap Opera Digest, “I’m so excited! Ellie has such a special place in my heart and I was so happy that they’ve asked me to come back. I’ve kept in touch with Bradford (Anderson, Spinelli), and Kirsten (Storms, Maxie), Teresa (Castillo, Sabrina), and Marc (Anthony Samuel, Felix), but everyone there feels like family to me at this point. It was such a great feeling to walk back into the building!”

Maxie has finally given in to her feelings to her old flame, her essential person, Spinelli. Now that Ellie is back in the picture, will she be a threat to their relationship?

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden and Nikolas Have Sex

Fans were in shock when they saw the photo that is going around of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) engaging in a very intimate moment with newbie, Hayden Barnes (If that’s even her name) (Rebecca Budig) . The moment Nikolas found out that some woman had come to Port Charles claiming Jake (Jason Morgan) as her husband, he knew that whoever she was, she was up to no good. He went to confront the con artist and she ended up fooling him into thinking she knew Helena. Not for long though, she admitted she knew nothing about Helena, but she made him well aware that she caught the fact that Nikolas knows who Jake really is.

Hayden was disappointed that her fake husband turned her down in bed, and she was also rejected by Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst). Ric is saving himself for Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca herbst) apparently, while Hayden goes unsatisfied. Perhaps Nikolas and Hayden make a deal. Since she knows Nikolas knows the truth about Jake’s identity, will she blackmail him into sleeping with her to keep quiet? Jason and Sam fans are getting restless, and the hate for Nikolas is starting to grow among those who just want Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to be together already.

How long will we have to wait to see this story unravel? Well, General Hospital rumors are suggesting that Jason and Sam won’t be reunited until November. GH Blog will keep you posted on the latest GH spoilers, updates, plot twists and more. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this prolonged JaSam reunion.

General Hospital Spoilers: Patrick Finds Alan Quartermaine’s Ring, How Will He Handle This Discovery?

Just when we think that Jason and Sam are about to reconnect, General Hospital spoilers and rumors lead us to believe otherwise. This week on General Hospital, Sam Morgan rode on the back of a motorcycle with Jason- just like old times. Something about it just felt right to the both of them. Jake had memories/dreams of Sam the night before, and he isn’t sure what to think of them. Sam feels comfortable with Jake, even safe. The two were starting to reconnect on the motorcycle ride. However, it looks like that’s as far is the Jason and Sam reunion will go, for now.

General Hospital spoilers spill the beans that Patrick will find Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring. Little Spencer found the ring in Nikolas’ safe at Windemere and brought it to Emma Drake, wanting a promise of commitment. Since the ring is in Patrick’s house, he will be the one to discover it. General Hospital rumors speculate that he isn’t quite sure what to make of this discovery and he will keep it to himself for quite a while. GH rumors have been claiming that this story will continue on until November, and that Jason and Sam will be kept apart until all of this unravels.

What will Patrick do this time around if he realizes that Jason is still alive? Now that he and Sam are more than just friends, will he be willing to give her up to her husband Jason? Patrick admitted to Emma that he loves Sam. If he couldn’t tell her the truth when they were just friends, it might be even more difficult to tell her now that her husband is alive.