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Sam’s Almost-Encounter With Jason!

Just a warning, this article is a spoilers. Typically, spoilers are only posted under General Hospital Blog’s Spoilers and Previews page.

This is an upcoming scene involving Patrick and Sam. Scroll down if you are ready for the spoiler.





Sam is convinced that Nina is trying to sabotage her relationship with Silas because she wants her husband back, all to herself. Nina was successful in doing so. After “someone” leaked private information that was between Patrick and Sam, Sam and Silas cannot see eye to eye. Silas is resentful toward Sam for spending so much time with Patrick and for taking his side, and Sam is angry with Silas for believing that Nina isn’t capable of leaking the information to the press, and putting Nina first ever since she came to Port Charles.

Sam thinks she sees her late husband, Jason Morgan, and goes chasing after him. The scene doesn’t involve Billy Miller, the new Jason Morgan. It is actually an actor by the name of Mitchell Fink who is playing an orderly that resembles Jason. However, that orderly is headed towards a room. In the room the orderly apologizes for having to lock the door on his bosses orders. His boss being Victor Cassadine. Behind that door, is Jason Morgan. Sam is oh so close!

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The Latest on Tony Geary as Luke Spencer and Fluke

General Hospital fans have been quite concerned with the status of legendary actor Tony Geary. Lately there has been news surrounding the personal health of Geary and what that means for his role as the iconic Luke Spencer on ABC’s General Hospital.

As General Hospital Blog has previously reported, Tony Geary underwent two back surgeries during his time off from General Hospital. Due to a long recovery time, and more extensive operation that initially expected, the last report noted that Luke/Fluke would be away from the canvas for the remainder of the Summer.

Fans are still wondering when we will all find out who Fluke really is, and with Geary being away from work, it has been confirmed that Tony Geary will not be reprising his role as Luke Spencer and/or Fluke until this coming October.

As far as any further news related to the return of Tony Geary to General Hospital and his characters Luke and Fluke back to Port Charles, nothing has been confirmed that would lead us to believe that Geary won’t be returning despite recent rumors. We will do our best to keep you informed on this news as we all hope and pray that Geary makes a speedy recovery and will be lighting up our screen very soon.

Please refer to our June 26th, 2014 article, Tony Geary Talks Fluke and Personal Health for the full story.

The PCPD Has the Wrong Man… Free Carlos!

As usual, the cops and detectives over at the PCPD have arrested and jailed the wrong man. Carlos is strongly connected to the Jerome crime family members Ava and Julian. He took orders from Julian and his job was to act out on those orders. Somewhere along the way Ava got her grips on Carlos and he and Ava went behind Julian’s back. Ava had convinced Carlos to try and take care of AJ Quartermaine. Once night at the Quartermaine mansion, Carlos arrived in a mask and attempted to take AJ out. The attempt failed when Luke and Tracy walked in and interrupted the operation and put some attack moves on the intruder. Carlos fled the scene and AJ was left alive.

AJ was now still alive and Ava was very angry. AJ was about to tell Sonny that Ava killed Connie so she needed him dead. You now what they say, if you want something done right you better do it yourself! And that’s exactly what Ava was about to do. In a plot to end AJ, AJ and Ava were together at Julian’s apartment. Sonny strolled in and saw the two and immediately thought Ava was the damsel in distress. He got so angry with AJ about Connie, just as AJ was about to tell him Ava was the one who killed her, Sonny shot him!

To hide her involvement in AJ’s (and Connie’s) murder, Ava blackmailed Carlos into taking the wrap. Ava threatened Sabrina and her baby’s life if Carlos didn’t tell Anna that he was the one who killed AJ.

Now that it is know by a few Port Charles residents that Sonny is the actual killer, when will Carlos go free? Carly, Franco, and Sonny have all heard the recording on AJ’s phone of Sonny shooting AJ Ava’s involvement in it all. Once that recording gets out (and we know it will), will it be all over for Sonny? Can what happen to Carlos be rectified?

Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos Rivera) is due to start filing episodes of GH late this Summer. Carlos is expected to arrive on screen in PC early September.


Does Nina Have a Conscience?

As Nina sits at Rafe’s bedside, she thanks him for being able to keep her secret. With the death of she and Silas’ nephew Rafe, the truth about what Nina is up to will die with him. Since Rafe saw Nina able to walk, and overheard her telling Rosalie she wants to take down Silas and Sam, Nina’s optimal situation would be if Rafe died. After she tells a brain dead Rafe that she will give him a big funeral with all the trimmings, he suddenly grabs her hands and opens his eyes. Friday afternoon fans were ecstatic at the fact that Rafe may actually live. Not only is Rafe a great character, Jimmy Deshler a fantastic young actor, but the story line would be that much sweeter. That would have been an unexpected twist if Rafe were to stick it to Nina and actually live. However, the closer and closer it gets to the follow up episode, it looks as though Nina’s mind was just playing tricks on her. In a headline from ABC’s General Hospital itself, it says, “Nina’s conscience gets to her. Will she come clean with Silas.” That seems to be an indication right there that Rafe isn’t really awake, but the idea of what happened to him is haunting Nina. The next question is, will Nina come clean and tell Silas about her involvement in all of this? My guess is no way. She may have a split second of a guilty conscience for what she has done, but it will doubtfully be enough for her to come forward. She plans on destroying Silas in any way she can and up next she will make her move to break up Silas and Sam.

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Teresa Castillo Tweets About Her Return to General Hospital

Teresa Castillo’s character Sabrina Santiago has had a lot of ups and downs in her seemingly short time living in Port Charles. She moved to Port Charles to begin her career in nursing as a way to follow in her Mother’s footsteps. Sabrina’s mother was also a nurse. She passed away some time ago and now that Sabrina is grown she wanted to become a nurse and take care of others just as her mother did.

Shortly after arriving in Port Charles and landing a job at GH, she set her sights on Dr. Patrick Drake. Not knowing he was the husband of the (then) late Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, she fell deeper and deeper for Patrick as time went on. She soon found out who he actually was, but she was battling with Dr. Britt Westbourne for his affections. Soon after Sabrina won her man, Robin turned up alive and made her debut at what was suppsoed to be Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding. After Patrick ultimately chose his wife Robin over Sabrina, Sabrina learned she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby. Robin left town at the request of Victor Cassadine in an atempt to being he rbest frined Jason Morgan back to life. Jason, along with a couple Cassadines, has been cryogenically frozen and only the skills of Dr. Robin Scorpio have the chance of bringing them back. Meanwhile, back in PC, Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were involved in a serious car accident. The accident cause Sabrina to go into preterm labor. Shortly after she delivered baby Gabriel, he passed away. Patrick and Sabrina lost their child.

This all led up to the departure of Teresa Castillo’s character. Sabrina left Port Charles with her cousin Juan Santiago (Michael Saucedo) and went back to Puerto Rico to be with the rest of her family. The actress has been on maternity leave and is due to return to the set of General Hospital in just a few short weeks. She will begin taping scenes in about two weeks. Castillo sent out a tweet last week with her announcement of returning.

When Sabrina comes back to Port Charles after grieving for her boy in Puerto Rico, she will be facing a hard truth. Patrick and Sam are debating on whether or not it would help or hurt Sabrina, knowing who caused the accident and the events that unfolded before and after. Will learning that Rafe caused the accident give Sabrina closure? Knowing Patrick was the one to operate on Rafe and the outcome that resulted may have an effect on how Sabrina heals from the situation. Let us know what you think. Should Patrick tell Sabrina everything that has happened while she was away?

Who Called Immigration on Dunkleman?

It would be Mac and Nathan’s wildest dream for the Department of Immigration to come knocking on Levi Dunkleman’s (Zachary Garred) door to whisk him away to a land far, far away. Levi Dunkleman is from Australia and came to Port Charles with Maxie after they met on her personal eat, pray, love retreat. After losing custody of her baby girl, Georgie, Maxie felt she needed time to heal. It’s clear to those around her that Levi found Maxie at a vulnerable state and is manipulating and taking advantage of her. She defends him to Mac, Nathan, Lulu and anyone else that is trying to get her to see the light.

Levi is in the US on an expired Visa and he, Maxie, Nathan, and since Nathan told Dante, the four of them are the only ones who know this information. So who called immigration and is Dunkleman really getting deported? It doesn’t seem like Nathan because he told Maxie he would keep their secret, and we all know how he feels about Maxie.  It technically could have been Dante, since Nathan disclosed the situation to him at the PCPD, but it’s doubtful. It has been rumored that Levi called immigration on himself in order for Maxie to blame Nathan. Upcoming spoilers reveal that there is strong evidence against Nathan regarding Levi’s visa.  It’s obvious that Levi is trying to drive a wedge between Maxie and Nathan and what a better way to do it other than making Maxie think Nathan went against his word? Perhaps this will persuade Maxie into marrying Levi in order to keep him in the country.

Do you think Maxie will go through with marrying Levi in order to keep him in the US?


Rafe is Awake! What’s Next?

Cliffhanger Friday is an understatement when describing the shockingly dramatic ending of today’s episode of General Hospital. Rafe is supposed to be brain dead. Beating hurt, functioning organs, but a blood vessel burst while being operate on by Dr. Patrick Drake and everyone is now morning the loss of Rafe. Silas, his uncle is taking it extremely hard. Kiki, Rafe’s cousin, is saddened that she didn’t get to know him better, and Sam, his foster Mother is a heavy heart. Nina is Rafe’s aunt, has her own agenda. Nina is manipulating Silas once again. She is playing into his emotions, acting as a support system for what has happened to their nephew. She is throwing Sam under the bus any chance she can get to make her look bad. Nina is convincing Silas that Sam would rather support Patrick.

Talking to Rafe at his bedside, Nina thanks him for dying. She thanks him for not being able to tell Silas all the underhanded and awful things she is doing to get revenge on Silas and the other people who she feels wronged her in her life. “What’s bad for you is good for me. Rafe you’re helping me, you’re helping me drive a wedge between Silas and his trailer trash girlfriend.” As she was freakishly touching Rafe’s hand, he suddenly grabbed hers and opened his eyes!

Is Rafe really alive or is Nina seeing things? If Rafe is alive would Nina actually finish him off? Silas made it a point to tell Nina that Rafe’s condition is nothing like hers. That his nephew for all intents and purposes is dead and he will never wake up. Also, what about Alice? Perhaps all the hype about Alice getting Rafe’s heart was all to mislead fans into thinking Rafe is going to die just to shock us in today’s episode. If that’s the case, then goal accomplished! If you’re thinking Rafe woke up as a vampire, you’re not alone. Fans have been half halfheartedly been suggesting that Rafe will follow in the Port Charles footsteps and possibly become immortal like his father Stephen Clay.

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GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati Talks Summer Spoilers

This Summer is already going by fast, and will GH drama like this, it’s certainly going to fly by! It may seem like we have to wait for eternity to find out the outcomes of our favorite story lines, but this Summer will bring many of them to a shocking close.

In a recent Soap Opera Digest interview, Carlivati let fans in on a bit of what’s going on this Summer.

The never ending (in a good way) Fluke saga will be revealed in early Fall. Look for Tony Geary to be back in Port Charles after Summer’s end. We will all know Fluke’s true identity this October! Geary is recovering from recent back surgery. We will see him Skype a few times over the Summer with Tracy and possibly Julian.

What’s going to happen to the long time love of Kevin and Lucy? Carlivati says, “Kevin has made it clear he wants a divorce. Lucy’s heartbroken, but deep dpwn, she does have feelings for Scott.”

Wondering if Carlos will be back on screen? Yep. He will be. He is in jail now, but with the recording of Sonny killing AJ, things are about to change.

Look for more General Hospital spoilers on General Hospital Blog’s spoiler page!

The General Hospital and Y&R Saga

It seems as though the General Hospital fans cannot seem to put down the Steve Burton story. It should be simple, right? Steve Burton left his role as Jason Morgan after 21 years because he moved to Tennessee for his family. At this point, we all wish it was that simple. This has been an ongoing saga for months on end now. After leaving General Hospital, it was shockingly announced that Steve Burton was joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as Dylan. Fans were outraged and accused Steve of plotting this with friend Jill Farren Phelps over at Y&R all along. Burton has already made numerous attempts to convince the fans that was not the case but for some reason some of the fans just cannot let it go.Not only is Steve getting grief from his devoted General Hospital fans who have felt abandoned by their favorite daytime actor, he is also receiving some negativity from the Y&R fans. Y&R fans claim that ever since Burton arrived the show revolves around his character Dylan, fans calling it “The Dylan Show.”

In regard to the entire issue with GH and Y&R fans, Steve explained what actually is going on, he said, “Listen, without the fans we don’t have a show. I understand their frustrations and I know that they don’t necessarily like change. I guess maybe my coming to Y&R upsets people because they don’t really know the truth of what happened. What you and I both know — that GH didn’t make a deal with me. And that’s the whole truth. My contract was up and they didn’t want to play ball and make it work. At the time, I didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus over there but of course, as soon as it was announced I was going to Y&R, people thought the whole thing was planned by Jill from Day 1, which it was not. I vividly remember my manager telling me how ABC Business Affairs had called him to say, “Hey, is Steve going to Y&R now that Jill’s over there?” And my manager said, ‘No, he wants to make a deal with you! Quit dragging your feet. Make a deal.’ But they wouldn’t.”

You win some, you lose some, and you can’t please them all. There was more real life drama in the soap world when actress Michelle Stafford left her role as Phyllis on The Young and the Restless and joined General Hospital. Fans over at Y&R are missing their longtime fan favorite of Genoa City just as GH fans are missing Burton. With the arrival of Nina Clay, Silas’ wife in Port Charles, Michelle Stafford hasn’t exactly gotten a warm welcome from General Hospital fans. Maybe Steve Burton is right, and people just don’t like to accept change. But if things don’t “change” at some point, or if fans don’t cling onto that small hope that their favorite actor or actress will be coming back to the roles they are best known for, these stories about Steve Burton and Michelle Stafford just may never be put to rest.

As for now, Steve Burton is happy at Y&R and intends to stay there for the foreseeable future. Stafford is happily playing the role of Nina Clay on General Hospital and has no intention of leaving and reprising her role as Phyllis on The Young and the Restless. The role of Phyllis has already been recast and will now be played by soap vet Gina Tognoni. Rumors are still up in the air on the Jason Morgan recast. It is still rumored that Billy Miller will be playing Jason Morgan, but no new news about a signed contract has been confirmed by executives.


Sonny Sees Lily

There is never a dull moment in the life of a high powered mod boss. It seems like every time he turns around there is another threat, another mob family out to get revenge, or take his territory, steal his latest love interest, or kidnap his kids. Sonny can never turn his back because there is always someone behind him waiting for that one moment where he is vulnerable.

One of the earliest of Sonny’s enemies on GH was his own Father in law. Lily’s father was a dangerous Puerto Rican crime Lord who eventually made the biggest mistake of his life. A car bomb that was actually meant for Sonny, ended up killing his own daughter, Lily who was pregnant at the time. After the death of his wife and unborn child, Sonny never forgave himself and this traumatic incident would shape Sonny Corinthos into the man he is today. Sonny was highly effected by the death of his wife which was meant for him. From then on, he constantly lives in fear that the ones he loves will end up getting hurt. This is why he left Brenda at the altar. Even in more recent times, with Kate/Connie, Sonny feared that the ones closest to him always get hurt, and he is usually right.

After killing AJ, then finding out Ava was the one who actually killed Connie and not AJ, Sonny has been under a lot of stress. The last thing he needs before he is done dealing with Ava and her pregnancy is more complications in his life. Apparently, there is a rumor that Sonny comes across an old Port Charles newspaper featuring the story of Lily getting killed. Why is this coming to the surface now, about 20 years after her death? Could Lily still be alive? Her son Juan has been back and forth to Port Charles from Puerto Rico a few times since his cousin Sabrina arrived. Currently, the two are in Puerto Rico and Juan is supporting his cousin while she grieves the loss of her baby boy. When Sabrina returns, will Juan come along with her? He may have a reason, and an agenda that involves Sonny.

What’s to come of Sonny coming across this paper? Weigh in with your thoughts and theories by commenting below.