General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger Loses Leverage Over Jason! Agent Cates Blows His Own Operation

Agent Cates falls for Carly
Agent Cates falls for Carly

Agent John Jagger Cates (Adam Harrington) is laser focused on nailing a criminal. He returned to Port Charles with a vengeance, and on a mission to accomplish his goal.

As a professional FBI Agent, Cates organized a covert operation in the place he used to call home. The key word here is professional. However, his vendetta against Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan makes the situation extremely personal. According to GH recaps, Agent John Jagger Cates admitted that he holds ill will toward Sonny. These negative feelings have festered for 30 years, and it doesn’t get more personal than that.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jagger is here and using his profession for his personal revenge. GH recaps recall that Jagger has RICO violation evidence on Carly Spencer Corinthos (Laura Wright). He’s using Jason’s loyalty to Carly as leverage to make Jason his puppet. Now, Jason is deceiving everyone he loves to protect one of them. Because if Jason doesn’t do what Jagger wants, then the evidence in Carly will be used to put her away. Moreover, the process involves busting organized crime in Port Charles. Specifically Pikeman and even the Corinthos Organization. In order to carry out his FBI operation, Agent Cates uses Jason against his family and friends.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jagger are getting closer. Their chemistry was evident from their first encounter. But things came to a screeching halt when she discovered his history with PC. GH spoilers and rumors tease that despite the reality of who they are, Jagger and Carly can’t fight the attraction. Suddenly, Agent Cates finds himself falling for Carly.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that if Agent Cates falls for Carly, he would lose leverage and control over Jason. How can he hold RICO violations against the woman he loves?