General Hospital Spoilers: Stone Cold Takes Care Of Business In Port Charles- First, Jason Warns Nina!

Jason wants Nina to stay away from Carly
Jason warns Nina

Nina, Nina, Nina! She doesn’t know when to quit. It doesn’t matter what consequences she suffers because she just keeps on keeping on- and not in a motivational/survival mode. It’s more like she continues to hurt others even though she’s also self destructive.

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate that Nina feels threatened. Will her fears be enough to put an end to her revenge drama? Although Nina’s vindictive plots against Carly also blew up in her own face, she can’t stop herself from her petty drama. Maybe the right person has to come along and scare the smug right off of her face. Now that Jason Morgan is back in Port Charles things are about to change. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason warns Nina to stay away from Carly. Enough is enough now it’s time for Nina to move on.

So far Jason has already helped Carly when it comes to Nina. As GH recaps recall, Jason bought he does half of the mushroom report and gave it back to Carly.. While it looks like Jason came through for his bestie, Nina also had to agree to sell. What is it about Jason that made Nina comply? And will she do it again?