Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri: 17 Again!

After watching Kate today, I realized something. I remembered that a while back when people would talk about children she would get uneasy. At one point she was talking to Lucky about having kids. I am recalling that it’s always been a touchy subject for her and figured it dated back to when she was with Sonny as a teenager. Well it’s all coming together now. Kate, now only knowing herself as Connie, a 17 year old Bensonhurst girl in love with her boyfriend Sonny, thinks she is pregnant. Shit just got real for Kate/Connie! This DID is deeper than we all imagined, and Kate is going to need all the help she can get. Only time will tell us what happened to her child way back then. Will Sonny have yet another child out there somewhere in the world? Kelly Sullivan must be worn out from crying and freaking out all the time. She is doing a fantastic job and is a spectacular actress. She really pulls the audience in and keeps us wanting more.