Connie vs. Kate: Who is Real and Who is the Alter?

Since last week, Kate has come back to Sonny, but things aren’t back to normal quite yet. She is still having visions of Connie in the mirror, and Connie is still out to take over. While arguing about Sonny, Connie told Kate she had a real connection with him. In response, Kate informed Connie that she is unable to have a real connection with anyone, considering she is not even a real person. To Kate’s surprise, Connie replied with stating that SHE is the real person. We have been wondering this since Connie emerged. If we think about it, She was born Constanza Louise Falconeri, and not until later in life, after a traumatic experience, did she assume the name Kate Howard. I think Kate has a long road to self discovery… I would bet on Connie being the real person and Kate is the alter. What do you all think? Go to GeneralHospitalBlog.com‘s Forum/Message Board and discuss!