Emme Rylan, General Hospital’s New Lulu Spencer Falconeri

This week on General Hospital, Lulu was found and saved by her husband Dante, and parents, Luke and Laura Spencer. Actress Emme Rylan (ex-Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light) took over the role of Lulu Spencer Falconeri after actress Julie Marie Berman did not renew her contract with GH. Berman played Lulu since October of 2005. and won her first Emmy in 2009 for Outstanding Younger Actress. Julie brought so much to the canvas as she played the daughter of the legendary couple Luke and Laura Spencer. Fans adored her as she fit right in with her fictional family. Fans of Julie are saddened to see the actress end her journey with General Hospital but wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Actress Emme Marcy Rylan made her speaking debut on GH today after she awoken from being presumed dead by her family. Dante, Luke and Laura were ecstatic to hear a heart beat and overjoyed when she woke up. But to their dismay, they quickly discovered this wasn’t the same sweet Lulu they once knew. Ms. Rylan did an amazing job today playing a brain washed woman who couldn’t remember her parents or husband… and even worse, she woke up thinking Stavros Cassadine was her husband! Looks like there is a long road ahead for Lulu and her family, and we are happy that Emme Rylan could step in and let this story develop.

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