General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Breaks Sam’s Heart In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Homeless Lulu Has Nowhere To Go

Dante breaks Sam’s heart over Lulu
Dante breaks Sam’s heart over Lulu

The inevitable is closer than we all think. Often times, a storyline is left open-ended, kinda like a cliffhanger Friday. Except the resolution doesn’t occur the following Monday. Instead, it could take months or even years to see a storyline conclusion. Particularly, an ongoing storyline has fans speculating for years. Yes, years. Its truly hard to believe that it’s been over three and a half years since Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) fell victim to her Uncle Cyrus Renault (Joff Kober).

GH recaps recall that she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, making her collateral damage. Sadly, Lulu slipped into a coma in December, 2020. Since then her family lives their lives day to day. Charlotte misses her mother dearly, as does Rocco. As for Dante, he misses Lulu too. But he and Lulu weren’t even together at the time of the tragedy. However, she was just about to tell Dante (Dominic Zanprogna) that she was done with Dustin and wanted to try again. Then Julian Jerome set off the bomb before Lulu got her chance.

Dante Breaks Sam’s Heart When Lulu Comes Home

According to General Hospital spoilers, a shocking twist brings Lulu back home. And not just back home, but back home with Dante. First, she must awaken from her coma and go through the routine examinations in order for clearance to go home. Then, Lulu must recuperate in a comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, Lulu wouldn’t have anywhere to go if she were to awaken right now.

What’s more comfortable than a familiar place or familiar faces to care for you? Nothing. Especially when you’re sick or recovering. Hence the reason for the upcoming dilemma. Maxie and her kids just moved into Lulu and Dante’s old home. Maxie needed a bigger place, and Dante moved in with Sam.

GH spoilers and rumors tease that Dante breaks Sam’s heart when a homeless Lulu needs a place to live. Whether or not Lulu moves in with Maxie, or everyone plays musical houses, Lulu’s return causes Sam and Dante’s split.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu Awakens To Find Her BFF In Her Home, Will Lulu and Maxie Become Roomates?

Lulu and Maxie become roommates

Lulu and Maxie become roommates!?

…Since 2020, GH fans have rallied for Lulu Spencer’s return. While most fans want to see Rmme Rylan reprise the role, others simply want the character to awaken from her coma.

General Hospital recaps recall Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) genius suggestion. She told Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) what a good idea it is for her and the kids to move in to Lulu and Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) former house. Reluctantly, Maxie finally thought it out and figured it could be a good idea.

GH spoilers tease that Maxie is on the move. When all is said and done, she. Dante, and Sam, will discuss Maxie’s living arrangements. It looks like Maxie, Georgie, James, and Bailey Lou will soon have some space.

Lulu and Maxie Become Roommates?!

According to the latest GH casting rumors, it’s been mentioned that Lulu’s awakening is in the works. GH news reports have yet to confirm, however, there’s a strong indication that it’s only a matter of time. Moreover, GH rumors speculate that Lulu Spencer Falconeri wakes up to claim what’s hers. First, it was Laura (Genie Franco’s) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom. Then, Dante took Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) to see her mother. Finally, Sam, Maxie, and Dante have all discussed (name dropped) Lulu. Does all this talk about Luke and Laura’s daughter hint toward her return?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: “Lulu” Gets A New Look?!- Is Port Charles Ready For Lulu’s Return?

Lulu gets a new look Julie Berman Lulu Spencer Emme Rylan

Lulu gets a new look?! …Many times when an actor plays a role for a long time, fans find it difficult to see anyone else in that role once they leave. When it comes to Lulu Spencer, two fan bases are devoted to their favorite portrayer.

According to General Hospital news, Julie Berman joined the General Hospital cast in 2005, when she took over from Tessa Allen. Berman played Lulu Spencer from 2005-2013, and established a devoted fan base. Over the years, Lulu had front-burner storylines as Luke and Laura’s daughter. Having been the offspring of the most widely known television couple, the role already had a name for itself. “Lulu” was guaranteed to be a fan favorite simply because of who her parents are. But if the actress didn’t measure up, surely there would have been an issue. Thankfully, Julie was a smash.

Later, Emme Rylan took over as Lulu Spencer when Berman exited the show in 2013. Although fans missed Julie, Rylan created as strong a fan base as her predecessor. That’s why fans were very upset when Rylan’s Lulu was written out of the script. Since her 2020 GH exit, Emme disclosed that she’d be willing to come back to GH if contacted by the show. Thus far, no reports of any contact between Rylan and General Hospital were reported.

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Lulu Gets A New Look?

Whether or not Lulu gets a new look is still unknown. However, Julie Berman recently shared a pic rocking her brand new look! Let’s just say Julie’s new hair color looks ????!

Despite any GH rumors surrounding Lulu’s return and recovery, there are no recent GH news reports to confirm any potential comeback. Neither Berman nor Rylan have commented on any GH news regarding Lulu, but please check back for any new developments.

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will Play Lulu Spencer When She Awakens?

Who will play Lulu Spencer? General Hospital fans immediately took issue with Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) absence in Port Charles. Ever since Emme’s GH exit, fans have rallied to bring Emme Rylan back to the role.

General Hospital Recaps: After an unnecessary tragic accident, Luke and Laura’s daughter slipped into a coma, leaving her loved ones behind. However, life goes on as it always does. Right before the accident, Lulu broke things off with (deceased) Dustin Phillips(Mark Lawson) and was about to tell Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) how she feels. Unfortunately, Lulu never got the chance.

Currently, Dante moved on with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), and they’re living happily with their kids. Meanwhile, Dante remains close to Charlotte, Lulu and Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) daughter. According to GH spoilers, something might come out of Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and Dante’s hospital visit. Lulu’s daughter and ex-husband sat by her bedsides as they expressed how they miss her. GH spoilers and rumors tease that their conversation was the crack in the door that will open for her return.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Emme Rylan exited GH back in 2020. When her character was written out of the script, Rylan took to social media to explain that it was not her choice to leave. That being said; she added that she’d be willing to return if and when Lulu is written back into the script. Click HERE for the story.

Who Will Play Lulu Spencer?

As the storyline gears up for Lulu’s awakening, General Hospital fans wonder if the role will be recast. As the majority of discussions revolve around Emme Rylan, recent GH rumors claim that Alexa Havins replaces Rylan as Lulu Spencer. Keep in mind that GH news reports have. Or confirmed any casting changes.

As GH news recall, many GH fans remember Julie Berman as Rylan’s predecessor. Understandably, it’s sometimes difficult to become accustomed to a new face in an established role. Therefore, Rylan has been fan’s most recent choice.

That being said, if you had to choose, should Emme Rylan reprise the role, or should the role be recast?

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General Hospital Spoilers: It’s Time For Lulu To Wake Up, Emme Rylan Returns?

Lulu Spencer returns Emme Rylan Lulu wakes up what happened to Lulu

Lulu Spencer returns?! Lulu Spencer Falconeri’s tragedy has to be one of the most senseless storylines. So far, nothing has done of Lulu’s absence. Emme Rylan’s sudden GH exit caused hysteria among fans. The news came out if left field, even to the actress.

GH news reports confirm that Emme Rylan left General Hospital when her character, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written out of the script. She left the show in December of 2020. Ever since, fans remain persistent in requesting her return. The actress has expressed on several occasions that she did not choose to leave. Previously, Rylan took to Instagram to address a GH return. You can read her statement HERE.

Recently, GH spoilers reveal that Lulu was name dropped in a pretty big way. The entire scene was devoted to Lulu’s recovery as her ex-husband and daughter kept hope alive. General Hospital recaps recall Friday’s July 27th episode. In the scenes with Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez ) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), they sat by Lulu’s bedside, reminiscing and daydreaming. Charlotte made it clear that she misses her mother and wants her home. As expected, Dante agreed. So, what if Lulu wakes up? Where will that leave Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco)?

Lulu became victim of a bombing that was perpetrated by her Uncle Cyrus (Jeff Kober), and ended up in a coma. Interestingly, since Lulu’s tragic accident and Rylan’s exit, nothing has come of that storyline. Until now, keeping Lulu alive but off-canvas served no purpose. However, GH rumors hint that when Lulu finally awakens (and she’ll definitely awaken at some point), Dante and Sam’s relationship face its biggest challenge.

GH news has yet to confirm or deny news on Emme’s status. We will keep fans updated on the latest developments!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emme Rylan Says YES To A GH Return

Emme Rylan hopes to return to GH as Lulu Spencer

Emme Rylan hopes to return! General Hospital star, Emme Rylan’s exit is an unfortunate situation. Shockingly, it was later found out that she was let go from the daytime drama. Her character Lulu Spencer slipped into a coma, and just like that her character was written out of the script. This caused confusion among the fans, as there was no word of a potential exit leading up to Lulu’s coma. Is she? Isn’t she? Fans were left with whip lash while going back and forth about Rylan’s GH status.

Previously, General Hospital rumors began claiming Emme was contacted by TPTB. Unfortunately, Rylan took to Instagram to reveal that was a false rumor. This came after GH fans learned that Emme and her family would be cutting their year long road trip short, and moving back to LA.

However, recent General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Emme Rylan shared some big news with fans about her family. Emme and her family decided to move to St. Louis. But she assured fans she will frequently be visiting LA for auditions and to spend time with her sister.

Recently, actors tend to use social media platforms to connect with their fans and share information regarding their careers, personal lives, and more. In fact, many General Hospital stars use Instagram and Twitter as their main sources for outreach. So, GH’s Rylan shared some news via social media. According to GH news reports, Rylan has more to say about a GH return. Evidently, Emme disclosed that she would come back to GH IF they were to call when replying to a fan. She assured fans, “I will be back if GH calls!”

Check back for new developments regarding General Hospital‘s Emme Rylan’s status as Lulu Spencer.


General Hospital News: A New Development Surrounding Emme Rylan’s GH Status, Things Aren’t Looking Good For Emme Fans

Emme Rylan’s status with General Hospital has been up in the air since her character Lulu Spencer Falconeri was tragically put in a coma.

GH fans have been rallying to have Lulu awaken and Emme to reprise the role. However, a new development makes it look as though fans may not get what they want any time soon.

General Hospital news reports share information straight from Emme Rylan. She has taken to Instagram to inform fans that she has arrived in Nashville, Tennessee to evaluate the surroundings. Don Money has received a job offer in Nashville, and Emme is trying to decide if the city is a good fit for her family.

Since Emme and her family are heavily considering the big move away from LA, General Hospital rumors have developed surrounding her status with GH. It seems like she doesn’t have any plans of returning to the daytime drama, and this news comes after General Hospital spoilers reveal she has disclosed TPTB at GH have not been in contact regarding her potential return.

We wish Emme and her family the best in any new endeavors headed their way. Hopefully some day when the GH writing team decides to wake Lulu up from her coma, they will reach out to Rylan as opposed to a recast.

Emme Rylan, General Hospital’s New Lulu Spencer Falconeri

This week on General Hospital, Lulu was found and saved by her husband Dante, and parents, Luke and Laura Spencer. Actress Emme Rylan (ex-Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light) took over the role of Lulu Spencer Falconeri after actress Julie Marie Berman did not renew her contract with GH. Berman played Lulu since October of 2005. and won her first Emmy in 2009 for Outstanding Younger Actress. Julie brought so much to the canvas as she played the daughter of the legendary couple Luke and Laura Spencer. Fans adored her as she fit right in with her fictional family. Fans of Julie are saddened to see the actress end her journey with General Hospital but wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Actress Emme Marcy Rylan made her speaking debut on GH today after she awoken from being presumed dead by her family. Dante, Luke and Laura were ecstatic to hear a heart beat and overjoyed when she woke up. But to their dismay, they quickly discovered this wasn’t the same sweet Lulu they once knew. Ms. Rylan did an amazing job today playing a brain washed woman who couldn’t remember her parents or husband… and even worse, she woke up thinking Stavros Cassadine was her husband! Looks like there is a long road ahead for Lulu and her family, and we are happy that Emme Rylan could step in and let this story develop.