Find Out What Tony Geary Said About Genie That Will Make You Swoon

GearyInterviewLuke and Laura are legends, but they would be nothing without the fire and chemistry between the two people who have portrayed them for over 3 decades. Tony Geary and Genie Francis came together unexpectedly to make television magic.

In an interview with Paolo Presta for his show, A Spoonful of Paolo, General Hospital’s Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer), touches on what it was like to work with certain stars over the years. “Her husky voice drove me crazy. I thought she was hot stuff.” That is a statement Geary made about Demi Moore, who played Jackie Templeton on GH. He referred to another star, Roseanne Barr as, “A tough lady,” and went on to tell Paolo that he asked her to marry him  when they met.

What Tony Geary said about his long time friend and co-star Genie Francis will melt your heart. His statement regarding Genie, and his relationship with her put their entire existence ans Luke and Laura into perspective. Geary tells Paolo, “Her talent was spectacular, and is spectacular. Her vulnerability, her ability to use her emotional range, is unsurpassed. It’s hard to even go there because there’s so much…” As if THAT wasn’t amazing enough, Geary proceeded to say, “Our artistic souls met somewhere in outer space. In the early days, I felt very protective of her, which I think fed the relationship of Luke and Laura.”

It’s apparent that Tony Geary and Genie Francis have an undeniable chemistry and bond that compares to nothing else we have seen on television. Their off screen admiration for one another shaped the dynamic of their characters, Luke and Laura.

As Anthony Geary prepares to leave General Hospital after 37 years, he told Paolo Presta that it will be the people he will miss the most.

Check out the full interview video below.