Fluke is Actually LUKE!

It looks as though our suspicious were spot on. General Hospital Blog’s December 9th post regarding the true identity of Fluke rumored to be that Luke’s mind was actually being controlled by Helena Cassadine and that there was not another Luke (in the physical sense).

On today’s General Hospital, Dante was knocked out by Fluke and locked in the basement of where the audience believed the real Luke Spencer was being held captive. When Dante woke up from being unconscious, fans got the surprise of their lives. No one wanted to believe that there actually wasn’t another man behind Fluke’s true identity. Fans were convinced that the fake Luke Spencer was Bill Eckert, Anthony Zacchara, or some other long time enemy of the Spencer family. As it turns out, Fluke actually was a long time enemy of the Spencers. He was the product of a master-mind -or should we say, mind control? It looks like Fluke is the result and doing of the Spencer family’s biggest enemy, Helena Cassadine. Dante didn’t exactly make the discovery he thought he was going to make. He expected to see his father-in-law, the real Luke Spencer, down in that basement. Instead, all he found was a old, decrepit, dead body. Who is the body you ask? Well that’s a mystery that’s yet to be solved. But it’s safe to say that it isn’t our beloved Lukey.

Fans are away are Helena has a thing with conditioning. Decades ago, she had Lucky Spencer kidnapped and tried to condition his mind. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but as we see, many years of practice has come along way. She has successfully programmed Jason Morgan into working for her, under her control, without remembering the things she has him do. Although there are still a few flaws, for the most part, her plan was working.

It’s pretty safe to come to the conclusion that the body Dante found in the basement of the old Spencer home was not Luke, and the Fluke is actually Luke himself, under the mind conditioning of Helena Cassadine.

What did you all think of today’s episode? Are you stunned at the revelation we have been waiting an entire year for?