Nikolas Hasn’t Been Himself: What’s Really Going on With the Prince?

NikPrince Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) has never lived up to his family name. He was never the evil, ruthless, villain, he just never harbored those characteristics. His personality was quite different from Helena, Victor, and Stefan for example. Nikolas was a good man, an honest man, and compassionate. Recently he has been acting out of character… blackmailing people, hiding the truth from his loved ones, helping Helena keep the secret about Jake being Jason Morgan, and trying to take ELQ right from under Michael.

That being said, fans have been wndering, “What is really going on with Nikolas Cassadine?’ A little while back, he had mentioned that he had been betrayed and perhaps that has hardened him. He started changing briefly after he found out that Britt had been lying to him about SPencer’s disappearance. Could that be the cause of his ut of character behavior? Some think so. Some think that Nik has been burned too many times, and he feels used and taken advantage of, causing him to act out, and make himself feel superior again.

Others believe there is more to it than that. His grandmother, Helena (Constance Towers), is known for her mind games. She has conditioned minds in the distant and recent past to act on her every command. It’s a possibility that Nikolas has been conditioned by his grandmother. Lying to his cousin Sam about Jake/Jason is not something the old Nik would do… and he certainly wouldn’t out a hit out on a woman just to keep her mouth shut as he did with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig).

Could this total 180 in personality be the result of a man’s heart scorned, or could Nikolas be under Helena’s control?

We want to know where you think this story is going. Please leave you thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nathan Gets Closer To Fluke’s True Identity!

This has to be the most confusing story line mysteries in General Hospital history. Even with what was supposed to be the huge revelation of Fluke’s true identity LAST Friday, confusion still remains. After Dante woke up from being unconscious, and saw a rotten corpse in the chair he expected to see his father-in-law, Luke Spencer, fans were led to the conclusion that Fluke and Luke are one in the same.

Recent General Hospital spoilers entertain the idea that Nathan will go to his mother, Dr. Leisl Obrecht for answers, getting closer to the true identity of Fluke. As Chief of Staff, Dr. O has the free reign of General Hospital, taking Nathan into the lab. Obrecht lets her son in on a little secret as she tells him, “All the answers you seek about Luke Spencer will be found here.” ┬áDr. Obrecht has been entangled with the Cassadine’s and the evil work of Faison for quite some time. She told Nathan that his father was Victor Cassadine, but we the audience know that isn’t the truth. Obrecht admitted that Nathan’s father is far worse than Victor.

Just how much does Dr. O know about Helena and Fluke? Will Nathan learn that Fluke’s identity is far more worse than everyone actually thought?

WATCH NOW! ABC Eyewitness News: Tony Geary’s Journey Back to General Hospital

As General Hospital, Tony Geary, and Luke Spencer fans, we know that it has been a long road to recovery for the legendary GH actor. Anthony Geary underwent invasive back surgery, causing him to be unable to work on the set of General Hospital for several months. At one point, he wasn’t certain if he would ever be able to return to his role as the iconic Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, on ABC’s General Hospital.

Anthony Geary sat down with ABC’s Sandy Kenyon, a huge fan of General Hospital, to discuss the challenge of his medical condition and the effect it had on his work on GH. Geary talks about Luke’s current story line, involving his alter ego, Fluke, aka Fake Luke.

Listen closely as Sandy Kenyon discloses a HUGE General Hospital spoiler, revealing that Fluke is indeed all in Luke’s mind. There you have it fans, Luke is Fluke!

In the video, we also learn that Sandy Kenyon has filmed a cameo role on General Hospital!

Check it all out below!


Fluke is Actually LUKE!

It looks as though our suspicious were spot on. General Hospital Blog’s December 9th post regarding the true identity of Fluke rumored to be that Luke’s mind was actually being controlled by Helena Cassadine and that there was not another Luke (in the physical sense).

On today’s General Hospital, Dante was knocked out by Fluke and locked in the basement of where the audience believed the real Luke Spencer was being held captive. When Dante woke up from being unconscious, fans got the surprise of their lives. No one wanted to believe that there actually wasn’t another man behind Fluke’s true identity. Fans were convinced that the fake Luke Spencer was Bill Eckert, Anthony Zacchara, or some other long time enemy of the Spencer family. As it turns out, Fluke actually was a long time enemy of the Spencers. He was the product of a master-mind -or should we say, mind control? It looks like Fluke is the result and doing of the Spencer family’s biggest enemy, Helena Cassadine. Dante didn’t exactly make the discovery he thought he was going to make. He expected to see his father-in-law, the real Luke Spencer, down in that basement. Instead, all he found was a old, decrepit, dead body. Who is the body you ask? Well that’s a mystery that’s yet to be solved. But it’s safe to say that it isn’t our beloved Lukey.

Fans are away are Helena has a thing with conditioning. Decades ago, she had Lucky Spencer kidnapped and tried to condition his mind. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but as we see, many years of practice has come along way. She has successfully programmed Jason Morgan into working for her, under her control, without remembering the things she has him do. Although there are still a few flaws, for the most part, her plan was working.

It’s pretty safe to come to the conclusion that the body Dante found in the basement of the old Spencer home was not Luke, and the Fluke is actually Luke himself, under the mind conditioning of Helena Cassadine.

What did you all think of today’s episode? Are you stunned at the revelation we have been waiting an entire year for?


Helena’s Mind Control: Does ‘Fluke’ Even Exist?

For almost a year, General Hospital fans have been battling with their brains, (and the writing team over at GH), trying to wrap their heads around this entire ‘Fluke’ story line. For many months there have been General Hospital rumors and speculations in regard to who is impersonating Luke Spencer. We the audience know that Helena has him locked up, has had him kept away from his family and loved ones, and he has been continuously drugged.

GH rumors have pointed the finger at many past and present characters and villains. Bill Eckert, Cesar Faison (which we know now was only a decoy), Jerry Jacks, Anthony Zacchara, Larry Ashton, to name a few. Still, there are too many holes in those theories for the vast majority of the fans to settle on one.

When Faison was in the interrogation room with Anna, he brought up Helena and how the two of them kidnapped Lucky and tried to condition his mind. Why did he bring that up? There is reason to believe that it was more than just to torment Anna with the possibility of her being under his spell and fall in love with him. Anna knows better. He tried that with her in the past, and it didn’t work. Faison went on to question whether or not Helena has perfected the art of mind control. This entire back story about Lucky gives good reason to believe that Helena is up to some old tricks.

What if ‘Fluke’ doesn’t actually exist? In the physical sense that is. Perhaps Helena has in fact perfected her art of mind control. We have seen the result of her conditioning so far in Jason Morgan. She tells him what to do and he goes out and does it. He later forgets that a certain series of events ever took place, and he forgets that Helena was ever involved. Now, that being said, what if Fluke is all in Luke’s head? Earlier in the year, when Fake Luke was acting “off” in Port Charles, that could have been because Helena’s mind control still needed a little work. Now that Fluke is back, and acting more like Luke than before, it’s possible that Helena just needed some more time to perfect her hold on Luke Spencer’s mind.

It’s entirely probable that Luke Spencer takes orders from Helena, and doesn’t remember what he has done once his tasks are through. Could Luke have an alter personality due to Helena’s mind control? At this point in the story, anything is possible, even playing around with the idea that Fake Luke isn’t another person at all. Is Fluke just Luke under Helena’s mind control?

Weigh in and let General Hospital Blog know what you think about this theory.