Does Franco Have a Reason to be Jealous?

Sonny and Carly gave a long history and explosive chemistry. They have been through thick and thin, the good and the bad, and no matter what they do to one another, they always seem to find their way back to each other.Since Carly, Sonny has found love with many women. Connie, Olivia, Brenda, and Emily just to name a few. Carly has had a few great loves as well. Jax is probably her second great love, whose last name she still carries although they are divorced. Currently Carly is with Franco. Artist, and ex-sociopath, all due to a brain tumor that was causing him to be crazy. Carly sees past what once was with Franco and was able to forgive him for the things he could not control. So if Carly and Franco are so good together now, why should Franco be jealous?

Currently, Sonny and Carly both are up to their necks in the whole AJ’s murder situation. No, Carly didn’t help Sonny shoot him, but she did however give Sonny the only evidence that could pin him to the murder. There are a lot of things to consider in this drama. Ava is a huge complication. Sonny can’t even get the word out that she is the one who killed Connie without implicating himself at the same time. Then there is Michael. When Michael finds out Sonny killed AJ, and Carly has known for all this time, things are not going to be pretty for the entire Corinthos family. This is a time where Carly and Sonny will most likely stick together and have one another’s backs.

Franco is already showing signs of jealousy, and according to Ava, he is the jealous type. Will Franco take his insecurities to a level where Carly won’t be able to forgive him? Franco just might spill the beans about the recodring of Sonny shooting AJ, and Carly just might resent him forever, leaving Carly to run back to Sonny.

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