Franco’s Gift to Carly…

Franco wins hands down in the battle of deceit with his significant other, Carly Corinthos Jacks. Carly has tried to pull the wool over Franco’s eyes and make him believe her lies about what she’s been doing with Sonny. Franco on the other hand has successfully pulled off deceiving Carly. He has led her to believe that he has bought into her deception, and sees her as the doting bride to be she wants him to believe she is.

Franco gave Carly a necklace with a nanny-cam hidden inside so that he is able to track her every move, and spy on everything she does, especially with Sonny.

Did Carly create a monster, or just ruffle the feathers of an already unstable man? When something sets Franco off, will he turn to his old psychotic ways?

By the way…Is this not the ugliest necklace you have ever seen?