General Hospital Comings and Goings: Tamara Braun Checks OUT at GH

Dr. Kim Nero started working at General Hospital in 2017 as actress Tamara Braun took on the newly created role. Although Braun’s character was fresh to Port Charles, her face is very familiar to General Hsoutal fans, as she played the strong willed, unbreakable, Carly Corinthos. Tamara took on the role of Carly after originator of the role, Sarah Joy Brown left as Carly.

According to Daytime Confidential, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tamara Braun as stopped taping as of now. The role will NOT be recast at this time.

It seems as though Braun’s character, Dr. Kim Nero, will be exiting Port Charles for the time being, but the departure of the character will remain open ended.

There are many directions this character could take, leading to her exit. Some fans want to see Kim’s grief play a role, also there is a possibility she is insane, Perhaps from grief, perhaps just because. It’s no doubt that Kim’s behavior has been less than stable. From trying to drug and rape Drew, to her obsession with Franco due to his (Drew’s) memories, there is no telling why Kim does what she does. Look for Tamara Braun’s last on screen taping come early November.

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