General Hospital News And Spoilers: Amanda Setton’s Candid Discussion On GH Return

General Hospital’s Amanda Setton has returned to the soap opera as a member one of the show’s core families. The role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine was temporarily recast when Setton left the show on maternity leave. Actress Briana Lane stepped into Setton’s shoes until her exit late last year.

General Hospital news reports Amanda Setton has opened up about her recent return to General Hospital. She begins an interview by expressing her joy for playing the role of Brook Lynn. She said, “I was very excited to get back to GH!” She continued on about her cast mates and why she enjoys the role she plays. “I missed everyone so much and missed getting to play Brook Lynn each day. She’s just such a fun, spunky, ‘live life to the fullest’ kind of gal. That’s an energy I enjoy getting to tap into!”

General Hospital spoilers reveal, Amanda’s take on how it feels to step into the role on de again. The new mother of three revealed her return feels different this time. Setton acknowledges that she “was definitely a bit more nervous than normal given the sleeplessness I’m dealing with right now because of the baby, but was excited for the challenge. My first day back was so wonderful, seeing all the producers and the entire cast and crew. It was so amazing being back with Wally (Ned Ashton) and Lisa (Olivia Falconeri); they really feel like my family. It was so comforting being back together again in the Quartermaine living room!”

The fans are greatly appreciated and Setton expressed her gratitude to the GH fans for their love and support. She said, “Thank you for supporting the show and for falling in love with Brook Lynn. She’s a dynamo, but beneath it all, has a big heart and always has her family and their well-being as her priority. You guys are the best!”

General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate Brook Lynn’s return to Port Charles will be full of drama and excitement. She has returned with a bun in then oven, and the father of her baby is a Cassadine! There won’t be a dull moment!

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