General Hospital News and Spoilers: Antonio Sabato Jr. Speaks Out On Jagger’s Recast- “You need to know the truth from me and you need to know the only truth about what’s going on.”

Antonio Sabato Jr. Addresses Jagger Recast
Antonio Sabato Jr. Addresses Jagger Recast

Last week’s General Hospital brought the shock factor to its audience on many different levels. Obviously Spencer and Esme made us gasp, Avery Pohl’s unexpected exit, Nikolas and Ace’s return to Laura, and more contributed to the ultimately shocking storylines.

General Hospital recaps highlight Spencer and Trina’s life or death situation. Their families came together to help rescue them from Esme Prince. While it looks like Esme and Spencer are swimming with the fishies, GH news reports confirm that Nicholas Alexander Chavez will return as Spencer, but Avery Pohl’s exit is indefinite. Now Trina is traumatized after the event and losing Spencer. To be honest, I’m traumatized too lol. I want Esme back! It still boggles my mind that GH took this direction. But that’s for another post at another time.

Anna’s Taken Aback By Jagger

Meanwhile, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) engage in their own life threatening drama. The two find themselves in an FBI ambush as they try to crack a case of their own. That’s when Jagger showed up. General Hospital spoilers reveal that a blast from the past has come back. Those who watched GH in the early 90s know exactly who Jagger Cates is. However, anyone would be confused and shocked by this because todays Jagger isn’t the man who made the role an iconic piece of American culture and Soap Opera history.

According to GH news reports, Jagger was recast with actor Adam Harrington. While Antonio Sabàto Jr. helped create the role over 30 years ago, it’s been reported that Sabato Jr. was not asked to reprise the ever-popular the role. Now, the actor has come out to speak on the subject.

Adam Harrington Jagger Cates recast

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Sabato Jr. addressed a statement about Jagger’s recent recasting. “I’m being bombarded with a lot of questions about this General Hospital thing. You need to know the truth from me and you need to know the only truth about what’s going on.”

Antonio Sabato Jr. Address Jagger Recast

There’s no denying that Antonio Sabato Jr.’s role as Jagger Cates took the GH fandom by storm in the early 1990s. Certainly, his face became recognizable across the world as General Hospital fans tuned in to see what’s next. Antonio addressed the early starved of the character, and Jagger’s worldly popularity. “At the beginning of my career, I started on a character that I truly, truly adore, that I created with Wendy Riche, the executive producer, and an amazing team of writers at General Hospital back in 1992. I was on General Hospital from 92 to 94, playing a character by the name of John “Jagger” Cates.

Jagger Cates Popularity

I’ve been asked by the fans by millions all over the world, not just in America and in North America, but all over the world, about coming back to General Hospital for 30 years. Now, like I said, I’m doing very well. I’m not begging to go back on the show. This is not about that. I have many careers. I’m still acting very well. I have a movie coming out. I have a lot of things coming out and I’m very proud of.”

GH Jagger and Brenda Antonio Sabato Jr. Vanessa Marcil

Reflecting on his popularity as Jagger, and the irony that he was never asked to return, Sabato stated, “I’ve never been asked to come back on General Hospital for 30 years. The producers at General Hospital, ABC, and Disney, they know where to find me. They know where I am. The fans always ask me every single day, ‘Are you going back to General Hospital?”

Adam Harrington Steps In as Jagger Recast

Fast forward to this week. It’s 2024 and has been 30 years since Sabato Jr. played the iconic Jagger Cates. Suddenly, the news hit fans and Antonio like a brick. He was bombarded with questions from fans, asking about the recent GH casting. That’s when Antonio commented on Jagger’s revival, and the fact that he wasn’t asked to step back into the role. Instead, GH hired Adam Harrington to take over as the memorable Cates.

“They don’t even call him ‘Jagger’. They call him ‘John’ because they know that the character’s only been played by me ’cause it’s part of who I am. It’s my life. It’s a character that is really a big part of, of my soul that I dedicated my life. And that’s what it turned out to be. I gave everything I have to that character and I would still do. So, the truth and the fact of the matter is people say, well, ‘you ruin your career because you voted for this or political or this and that.’  I shouldn’t be hired on my political views. I should be hired on my merit, on my acting abilities because you know, that works.”

“So this is on them hiring a new person, which is fine. They could do whatever they want. But hey, but for all the fans around the world to speculate or to say, you know, I ruined my career and all this stuff, mo, that’s not it. So now you know the truth. I’m gonna leave this out there for you to see.”

According to GH News and spoilers, Antonio’s message was addressed in a now-deleted IG video. Please be sure to check back with us at GH Blog for the latest developments.