General Hospital News and Spoilers: Backlash Floods Comedian Pauly Shore As He Plays Former General Hospital Star and Fitness Icon In New Biopic

Pauly Shore plays Richard Simmons
Pauly Shore plays Richard Simmons

ABC’s General Hospital celebrated the show’s 60th anniversary this year. As the longest running television drama, General Hospital’s cast has had a wide variety of talented actors over the years.

Some of these talented individuals have even come on to play themselves. It’s always fun to see familiar faces pop in and out of Port Charles. While some are on set for a quick, guest cameo, others stick around longer. Many have came and went, but one person stands out from all of the rest.

Fitness icon Richard Simmons is an unforgettable name with the look and vibe that’s just as memorable. He joined General Hospital’s cast in 1979-1983 as himself. And on 2013, Simmons returned to the soap for the iconic General Hospital Nurses Ball.

Pauly Shore Richard Simmons

According to General Hospital news reports, comedian Pauly Shore plays Richard Simmons in a biopic about the Sweatin’ to the Oldies. It all began when Shore shared online content during the pandemic. Back in 2020, Pauly shared his version of Simmons’s legendary fitness videos called, Sweatin’ with the Weiz. That’s when memes began to pop up, comparing Shore to Simmons. Ultimately, this lead to Shore’s idea to create a biopic of the 1980s fitness icon.

Pauly Shore Receives Backlash

According to Pauly Shore, he and Richard spoke Reportedly, Simmons broke his silence to the public about Shore’s project. Simmon’s recently addressed Shore’s film about himself, and dod NOT give his blessing. However, Pauly Shore ensures Richard that it’s all love and he hopes that they can come together on this. According to the latest new report, The Court Jester is based on Richard’s own book and stays true to its reflection on Simmons’s life.

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Since its production, Pauly’s received immense backlash about his decision to move forward with The Court Jester, the story of Richard Simmons. Be sure to take the GH Poll above to weigh in!