General Hospital News And Spoilers: Big Changes At Prospect Studios Has GH Cast Reminiscing On The Old Times

“The one thing constant is that there is always change” -Lenny Kravitz and I’m sure many others have used this common wise phrase.

The cast and crew of General Hospital seem to typically make themselves at home when filing their scenes at Prospect Studios. Many hours are spent waiting on call times so it’s important to the cast to be able to stay comfortable by making it feel like home away from home.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal one aspect of Prospect Studios that child star Jophielle Love held close to her heart were the iconic “General Hospital” signs that everyone would take pics of (and with).

Sadly, General Hospital spoilers reveal Jophielle is reflecting on what used to be. She and her mom (who manages Love’s IG account) have shared with fans that those signs are now gone. The IG post included photos of Jophielle under the red lettered sign reading, “General Hospital.”

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