General Hospital News and Spoilers: Carly Fights For Jason! Laura Wright Reveals Details Into Carly and Jason’s Future

Laura Wright reveals Jason and Carly’s future
Laura Wright reveals Jason and Carly’s future

The hype surrounding Steve Burton’s return has fans asking many questions. Apparently, the most important question seems to be who will Jason fall in love with? Jason Morgan has had some incredible love stories, but which one will stand the test of time?

Recently, General Hospital news and spoilers reveal details surrounding Jason’s storyline. It’s looking more and more like Jason is indeed “Stone,” and working to take down organized crime. It hasn’t even been a week since Steve Burton returned to GH as Jason Morgan, but the drama has already kicked up some serious momentum.

According to General Hospital news, a recent video takes fans through a behind the scenes look at Burton’s first few days back on set. Evidently, the cast and crew are just as elated to have Steve back as he is to be back. The vibe on set looks light and fun, and an overall positive and pleasant place to spend time.

GH spoilers reveal that Steve’s cast mates weigh in on having Burton and Jason Morgan back on General Hospital. Laura Wright who plays Carly Corinthos had a lot to say about Carly’s bestie. As many fans wonder who still will set his eyes and heart on next, the cast is here to tell a story. So far, Laura Wright reveals Carly and Jason’s future. The four-time Daytime Emmy winner gave fans some insight on what’s in store for Carly and her bff Jason Morgan. According to recent GH news and spoilers, Carly fights for Jason and stands by him no matter what! She knows damn well that Jason would never willingly try to take out Sonny. Like, come on now! And she stands by him through it all.