General Hospital News And Spoilers: Catch Ingo Rademacher On FOX’s Tucker Carlson

The drama which comes from ABC’s General Hospital isn’t limited to just the storyline in Port Charles. The drama now has spilled over into reality, captivating the attention of not only GH fans, but Americans as a whole.

General Hospital news reports confirmed that Ingo Rademacher was leaving the role of Jasper “Jax” Jacks, on ABC’s General Hospital, after Rademacher failed to comply with ABC’s vaccine mandate.

Recent General Hospital spoilers and news report Rademacher is now suing ABC for wrongful firing, claiming ABC’s decision was “Unconstitutional.”

Rademacher, along with co-star Steve Burton, has made quite a splash in the mainstream media surrounding their controversial situation with ABC. The story has gone so public that Ingo has announced he sat down with FOX TV host, Tucker Carlson.

General Hospital spoilers reveal in a recent Instagram post, Rademacher revealed a photo of himself with Carlson, explaining he was interviewed and will appear on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show.

Look for Ingo on tomorrow’s airing of Tucker, on Fox Nation.

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