General Hospital News And Spoilers: Details Of Steve Burton’s Shocking Exit Revealed

The road ahead looks dark when envisioning the future success of ABC’s General Hospital. Recent General Hospital news regarding the shocking exit of fan-favorite, Steve Burton, has put the future survival of the daytime drama in question. Along with Burton’s exit, General Hospital news reports have also confirmed the departure of another lead actor, Ingo Rademacher.

General Hospital spoilers reveal details surrounding Burton and Rademacher’s exit. Both actors believe in medical freedom, and as a result of their beliefs, the door to their career as actors on GH has come to a close.

General Hospital rumors began last week, making claims of their departure from GH due to the mandate which took place on November 1st. Anyone who won’t comply, including all cast and crew, with no exceptions, would be out of a job.

General Hospital news and spoilers reports confirmed their exit along with the inside scoop on Burton’s final days as the legendary Jason Morgan. It has been reported that Burton has already filmed his final scenes as Jason, but there hasn’t been word on whether his character will die as a result of Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) plan, or if the role of Jason Morgan will be recast. Steve’s rival scenes will be wrapped up before the month’s end.

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