General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emme Rylan’s Housing Rollercoaster Takes Yet Another Turn! LA?! Here To Stay!

General Hospital star, Emme Rylan has had almost more drama in her personal life than she has on screen as the daughter of the iconic couple, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Lulu Spencer Falconeri has been through all the soap genre drama anyone could expect in her career as a soap star. But right now, her real life chaos may as well be a script written directly for General Hospital.

Previously, Rylan share with fans that she was down in Nashville, checking things out for a potential move. She then gave an update stating that she and her family would be moving to St. Louis, Missouri, as Don accepted a job offer. Fast forward a couple weeks, past the online housing scammer Emme and her family encountered, and now her situation has taken yet another turn.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Emme Rylan has shared another update in her family’s moving saga.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Rylan has announced that Don has been offered a job on LA! The irony of it all is that she and her family have just packed up every single piece of their home I’m preparation for their big move to St. Louis. However, now that Don has been offered a job in the city in which they currently live (LA), Emme has disclosed that they will NOT be moving out of LA or even the home they are currently in.

Emme gives the latest General Hospital news updates explaining what’s going on with the online scammer and their house listing. According to Emme, the scammer has seemed to have moved on and is not sending any more families (or locksmiths) to the home.

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