General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH Introduces New Twins As Wiley Corinthos Recast

Erik and Theo Olson were cast to share the role of Wiley Corinthos back in 2018. These twins have worked with the talented cast and crew over at General Hospital, as some of the youngest actors on set.

Often times, the children that are hired to play the role of an infant/small child on daytime are soon replaced when the storyline calls to SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Age Syndrome) the character.

General Hospital news reports confirm the character, Wiley Corinthos has been SORASed. General Hospital comings and going’s confirmed Erik and Theo’s exit as Wiley.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the identity of the new twins boys playing the role of Wiley Corinthos. Caleb and Kyler Ends have stepped into the young role of a character belonging to such a big daytime TV family. Being a Corinthos ain’t easy!