General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH Star Sofia Mattsson Becomes US Citizen

General Hospital star Sofia Mattsson joined the cast of the daytime soap opera back in 2018. Her role as Sasha Gilmore has reached the hearts of GH fans as they get deeper into what Sasha is all about.

Actress Sofia Mattsson is also a business owner. Mattsson is the co-owner of a designer handbag company called, Ava Carrington. Sofia and her sister Helena Mattsson founded the high-end designer handbag company after their own desires.

General Hospital news reports confirm Mattsson has yet another accomplishment to celebrate. GH spoilers reveal Sofia has announced her newly earned US citizenship. She took to social media platform Instagram to tell the world how grateful she is for this country and the opportunities she has had.

We would love to congratulate and welcome Sofia Mattsson as a fellow American!

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