General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Nicolas Bechtel (ex Spencer Cassadine) Reveals Story Of Being Bullied By GH Co-Star

Nicolas Bechtel is known by many General Hospital fans as little Spencer Cassadine. He’s also known for his roles in Disney Channel productions.

Bechtel gave Spencer his spunky, sassy personality that now actor Nicholas Alexander Chavez carries on and makes his own.

General Hospital news reports reveal Bechtel joined the cast of General Hospital back in 2013. In recent years Nicolas was not in contract when his character was whisked away to boarding school. He was recast in 2021.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Bechtel has disclosed some very unsettling news of how he was bullied by an adult, female co-star. Twitter is the social media platform in which Nicolas Bechtel chose to reveal a disheartening story about a particular time on set at Prospect Studios.

When I was younger I stumbled on a line during rehearsal & the actress opposite of me said ‘hahah, you can’t read,'” tweeted the 17 year old actor. “I replied ‘you are a grown-up & shouldn’t talk to a kid like that.’ I was forced to apologize but I just want to make it clear that I didn’t mean that apology.”

Nicolas Bechtel reflected on the situation but didn’t let it hold him back. He admitted to learning from the experience. He continued his tweets with the following: “A wise man told me that same day that throughout my life I would come across a lot of difficult people,” Bechtel noted. “He explained that it wasn’t about how you respond. It was more about learning how to deal with them. I learned a lot from that wise man.”

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest the man with the wise words could have been a member of the cast and/or crew but it’s uncertain whether or it the individual was a fellow actor on GH.

Not all experiences with co-stars were negative. Bechtel made a lot of lasting relationships, including his friendship with Brooklyn Silzer (Emma Scorpio Drake). He shares a photo of himself with former co-star, wishing her a happy birthday on April 27th.

Bechtel has gone on to appear in other productions such as Disney’s Stuck In The Middle, and American Horror Stories.

We sure hope Nicolas stays positive and focused despite the naysayers. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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