General Hospital News And Spoilers: Has Laura Wright Found The Fountain Of Youth? See What’s Making The 51 Year Old GH Star Feel Like 28?

There are many aspects of life that can capture the feeling of our lost youth, making you feel like a kid again. As we get older, lifestyle, overall wellness, and social settings, and personal interests can bring out a youthful part if us we haven’t felt in some time.

General Hospital news and spoilers report GH leading lady, Laura Wright has revealed what is suddenly making her feel like she’s 28 years old. General Hospital spoilers reveal Laura has take to twitter to express how she feels about starting to watch The West Wing. In a tweet below, Laura explains what discovering this series has done for her.

General Hospital news and spoilers reports indicate GH’s leading lady Laura, aka Carly Corinthos has not necessarily found the fountain of youth in the typical way one would expect. But in watching this series, she admits her “heart is happy.”

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