General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Reveals The Truth On His Controversial GH Exit

Why did Marcus Coloma leave General Hospital

GH fans want to know: Why did Marcus Coloma leave General Hospital? Recently, Marcus Coloma sat down with two former co-stars to discuss his shocking General Hospital exit. That’s Awesome with Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson is where Coloma laid it all out on the table. for his former co-stars and their audience.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) sat down with GH’s Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma). In the interview, Marcus revealed the truth about his controversial situation. Burton and Anderson get to the bottom of fan’s burning question. Why did Marcus Coloma leave General Hospital?

Former Co-Stars Asks Marcus Coloma The Truth About His GH Exit

General Hospital spoilers reveal TPTB over at General Hospital did not offer Coloma a chance to negotiate a contract renewal. His 3 year contract recently reached its expiration date with no discussion. He admitted, “It wasn’t like General Hospital was saying, ‘Hey, Marcus, we want you to stay,’ there was no negotiation or anything like that. All I can say to that is… I don’t know why that decision was made but I don’t feel any ill will and it didn’t feel like I got fired, it just felt like, I don’t know, I think there was maybe an understanding that I was going to be there for three years and I think the big surprise is how much it hurt… even though I knew I was going to leave, but it hurt.”

GH news and spoilers reveal that when asked if he would have stayed, Coloma explained that the choice would have been “a really hard decision,” given that he has “big goals,” ones that “would’ve never been realized if I would’ve stayed at General Hospital.” But he made it very clear that his statement wasn’t to take anything away from General Hospital. “I admire everything about it.”

Nikolas Cassadine’s Future

Sadly, Marcus Coloma last aired as Nikolas Cassadine at the end of January. According to General Hospital rumors, Nikolas’s future is uncertain. Unfortunately, the Dark Prince may die. Although a recast has stepped in, Adam Huss took over the role temporarily. Will Nikolas die or go in hiding?