General Hospital News And Spoilers: Metro Detroit To Los Angeles- Drew Cheetwood And His Daughter Grace Shine At The Nurses Ball

GH’s Milo (Drew) and daughter Grace

GH’s Milo (Drew) and daughter Grace! Max and Milo Giambetti (Derk and Drew Cheetwood) made a name for themselves in Port Charles as Sonny Corinthos’s Teddybear-tough bodyguards. Eventually, the brothers moved on from Sonny’s business and Port Charles. It’s been some years since either of them paid their old friends a visit. So this year’s Nurses Ball and GH’s 60th anniversary bring Milo back to PC!

What an event the Nurses Ball has been thus far! The talent is as extraordinary as the entertainment numbers are nostalgic. It was so exciting to see Milo back and performing like the good old day!

GH’s Milo (Drew) and Daughter Grace Fly In From Michigan

Backstage, observant GH fans noticed a familiar face enter the dressing room. As Milo (Drew Cheetwood) spoke to Maxie, Drew’s real life daughter Grace gave a big thumbs up before exiting the dressing room. General Hospital news reports confirm Drew and Grace came all the way from Metro Detroit to Los Angeles for GH’s big event.

General Hospital casting news reports confirm Cheetwood’s return will not become long-term. As for little Grace, who knows what the future holds! Maybe some day she’ll play around in Port Charles just like her dad!