General Hospital News And Spoilers: Port Charles Reflects On Epiphany Johnson’s Life, GH Says Goodbye To Sonya Eddy

General Hospital says goodbye to Sonya Eddy Port Charles says goodbye to Epiphany Johnson
General Hospital says goodbye to Sonya Eddy aka Epiphany Johnson

Port Charles says goodbye to Epiphany Johnson. Sadly, not only do we say goodbye to an extraordinary character, we mourn the loss of her portrayer as well. As General Hospital says goodbye to Sonya Eddy, she is honored in this week’s episodes of ABC’s General Hospital.

According to General Hospital news reports, back in December, news outlets informed fans of Sonya’s shocking death. With a heavy heart, General Hospital Blog shared the news of her passing after friend, Octavia Spencer, made the announcement via social media.

Expectedly, the news hit the community hard. Along with the obvious close family and friends, colleagues and fans alike were devastated by the loss. Fans immediately began to inquire about a tribute episode dedicated to the late Sonya Eddy. Having played the iconic role of Epiphany Johnson since 2006, Eddy made quite the impression on the industry while leaving her own legacy. Sonya’s screen presence and overall glow is something fans can’t forget. Additionally, Epiphany’s tough love type of attitude kept her staff and patients in line while also letting them know she cares.

GH Says Goodbye To Sonya Eddy

General Hospital spoilers reveal Epiphany Johnson is remembered in this week’s special tribute to her portrayer, Sonya Eddy. According to the latest General Hospital previews, the people of Port Charles remember Epiphany. The actors as well as her on-screen loved ones prepare to say their goodbyes.

As previously reported details surrounding Sonya Eddy‘s death can be found here.

Please keep Sonya’s loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

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