General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson Tease Jason and Spinelli’s On-Screen Reunion

Jason and Spinelli reunite Stonecold and The Jackal Steve Burton Bradford Anderson
Jason and Spinelli reunite

Once upon a time there was a story about a mob hitman and a nerdy computer hacker. When they met it was hard to ignore how much they were polar opposites. Although Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) have less in common than oil and water, the hitman and the hacker found common ground.

Jason met his computer techy in 2006 when Spinelli arrived in Port Charles. Their interesting dynamic eventually developed into a real friendship. Now they are the best of friends. Jason’s had this nerd’s back from the beginning when it comes to bullies and thugs. Meanwhile, he knows that Spinelli has his back whenever he needs a skilled computer hacker. They’re understanding of one other despite their major differences is something that only true friendship harbors.

According to recent General Hospital news, reports reveal that Steve Burton returns to GH as Jason Morgan. With that comes anticipated reunions with varies loved ones. Particularly, Jason’s reunion with Spinelli. Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson, aka Stonecold and The Jackal, tease GH fans about their on-screen reunion.

GH spoilers reveal that it won’t be long before Jason and Spinelli reunite on the set of General Hospital. Steve and Damian’s Stonecold and The Jackal Instagram account recently shared the exciting news.