General Hospital News And Spoilers: Trina Recast Tabyana Ali Receives Welcome Gift From Sprina Fans

General Hospital news reports previously confirmed Sydney Mikayla’s exit from General Hospital as Trina Robinson. The young actress is opening a ew chapter in her life as she focuses on going to UCLA.

General Hospital comings and goings reports reveal Mikayla’s last air date as Trina took place on March 17th episode of General Hospital. The role of Trina has been recast by actress Tabyana Ali.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ali will debut as Trina the week of March 21st. Ali is excited to begin her new journey as part of the cast of ABC’s General Hospital. Thankfully, Ali will begin her new job as be welcomed with open arms from fans as well as co-stars. In a recent Instagram post, Tabyana shared a photo of herself with a gift of flowers from Spencer and Trina fans and here agents.

We are excited for Tabyana to debut as Trina Robinson, next week on General Hospital.

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