General Hospital News And Spoilers: Wes Ramsey Gives Special Nod To Inspiring Co-Star

Every so often an actor/actress displays a level of talent that is so powerful, we as fans can’t help but recognize. There are also those times when not only the fans give recognition, but co-stars as well.

The performance by Kirsten Storms on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital set the bar extremely high for these recognizable scenes. The raw emotion brought forth by Storms has her audience living and breathing everything Maxie Jones was feeling as she was finally letting it all out on the man she once loved, Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Kirsten’s co-star and scene partner, Wes Ramsey, has publicly recognized Kirsten for her work and what she has brought to the story of Maxie and Peter.

In a recent Instagram post, Ramsey highlights his screen partner, Storms, while recognizing their chemistry as co-stars. A portion of Ramsey’s caption reads, “We really brought the house down. In a glorious blaze. 🔥”

General Hospital rumors were bound to surface as Peter August runs out of time. Those rumors claim that Ramsey could be headed toward his GH exit. These rumors are based on Peter’s unredeemable character. How can anyone come back from this? It’s entirely possible. It’s a soap opera, and in the soap world, anything is possible.

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