General Hospital News and Spoilers: Who Is Carolyn Webber? Will Fans Finally Meet Elizabeth’s Mother?

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is the daughter Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson) and Carolyn Webber, whom fans have never met. Jeff and Carolyn were married and had children off screen, and only Jeff was brought to the canvas. Elizabeth has walked through her life in Port Charles with the closest person as a mother figure being her Grandmother, “Gram” Audrey Webber. Liz’s ex mother in law was also like a mother to her. Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) thought of her son Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) wife, as a child of her own. She was always there for Liz and Lucky when they struggled through life as a young couple and as new parents. Liz has made Laura a grandmother and she will always cherish that.

General Hospital news reports Elizabeth Webber’s mother was never physically introduced on screen. She has never visited her daughter in Port Charles. General Hospital rumors hint it’s time for Liz’s mom to make an appearance. GH news suggests many options for casting the role of Carolyn Webber.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Liz’s mom could be on her way to PC, finally putting a face with the name, Carolyn Webber. Is it time Elizabeth gets to know her mother?