General Hospital ! News and Spoilers: GH’s Jonathan Jackson’s New Look

GH’s Jonathan Jackson’s new look
GH’s Jonathan Jackson’s New Look

Although a few actors have played Luke and Laura’s son Lucky Spencer, Jonathan Jackson is most recognized for the role. Jackson nor his character Lucky Spencer have been seen around Port Charles in years. But thankfully the role of lucky hasn’t been killed off, and there’s a chance that someday he’ll return.

Over the years, Jonathan Jackson’s look has varied from short to long hair, but never quite like this. According to General Hospital news, Jackson revealed a much longer hairstyle via Instagram. He informed fans his new movie, Unsung Hero is the reason for this Lion’s mane look.

GH’s Jonathan Jackson’s new look

If you’re missing Lucky Spencer and Jonathan Jackson on screen, then check out the Unsung Hero movie, in theaters on April 26th.

General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Needs A Little “Luck” Right About Now; Jonathan Jackson On GH Return

The name, Lucky Spencer, needs no introduction in the soap opera fandom. Lucky is an iconic character, almost like daytime drama royalty. His parents are none other than Lucas Lorenzo Spencer (Anthony Geary), and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis).

Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) didn’t just ride the coattails of his legendary parents; he and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) made quite a love story .themselves, following in Luke and Laura’s infamous love.

General Hospital news reports reveal a ew want podcast interview with Jackson, discussing his role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. Jackson joined the cast in 1993 as Luke and Laura’s son. He exited the role in 1999, but returned in 2009-2011. His strong rows with the people of Port Charles left opportunity for his return visit in 2015.

General Hospital news reports state Jackson, just like his character, Lucky, moved to Ireland with his family. Although he is no longer living in LA, GH spoilers reveal he is willing to return.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jackson’s interview left much to the imagination after he confirmed he is open to a return to GH. According to Dishing With Digest, JJ said to fans, “I always had it in my mind to come back periodically, so I’m always open to that.

Now that Elizabeth has been consistently unlucky ???? in love, and she just lost her husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), it would seem like the perfect time to bring a little “Luck” Elizabeth’s way.

General Hospital Flashback: GH Star Réal Andrews Shares Nostalgic GH, This “JailHouse Rock” Number Will Take You Back

Last year, General Hospital fans were in for a real treat when Réal Andrews returned to the canvas decades after his character’s departure.

Andrews entered the GH scene back on December 17th, 1996. He played the role of Marcus Taggert on and off until May of 2003.

General Hospital news reports Real Andrews has shared a nostalgic GH photo on Instagram. The pic dates back to the 90s Nirses Ball with a very young Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), alongside Dara Jenson (Vanita Harbour), and Réal Andrews himself, as Marcus Taggert.


This clip below is from the Nurses Ball back in 1998. Liz, Lucky, Taggert, and Dara perform their “Jailhouse Rock” number.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Who Is Carolyn Webber? Will Fans Finally Meet Elizabeth’s Mother?

Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is the daughter Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson) and Carolyn Webber, whom fans have never met. Jeff and Carolyn were married and had children off screen, and only Jeff was brought to the canvas. Elizabeth has walked through her life in Port Charles with the closest person as a mother figure being her Grandmother, “Gram” Audrey Webber. Liz’s ex mother in law was also like a mother to her. Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) thought of her son Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) wife, as a child of her own. She was always there for Liz and Lucky when they struggled through life as a young couple and as new parents. Liz has made Laura a grandmother and she will always cherish that.

General Hospital news reports Elizabeth Webber’s mother was never physically introduced on screen. She has never visited her daughter in Port Charles. General Hospital rumors hint it’s time for Liz’s mom to make an appearance. GH news suggests many options for casting the role of Carolyn Webber.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Liz’s mom could be on her way to PC, finally putting a face with the name, Carolyn Webber. Is it time Elizabeth gets to know her mother?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Falls For Liz, Gives Up Fortune For Love, Spencer Approves

Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and Ava Jerome (Maura West) are united in marriage, not for love, but for money. Although their union doesn’t just include the two of them. Nikolas’s son Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) is the third party in this sham of a marriage and he isn’t standing for it. Spencer has told his father that if he didn’t get rid of Ava, then he didn’t want anything to do with him. Nikolas loves his son immensely but that doesn’t mean he is going to let him call the shots. Lucky for Spencer, fate may take over and turn things around.

Nikolas and Ava both have a plan underway to try and get the other to cheer in order to break their prenuptial agreement. If one cheats, that person loses the Cassadine fortune. Nikolas is banking on Ava to cheat on him with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) as they were pushed closer together during the intimate setting where Ava was being painted by Franco. And Ava has been trying to get Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas to rekindle their old fiery affair. Nik and Liz Have a long history of friendship and love. When they found each other in love after many years of close friendship, the timing was all wrong while Liz was already committed to Nik’s brother, Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson).

General Hospital spoilers indicate Nik and Ava’s business agreement (aka their marriage) is nearing it’s end. Nikolas is aware that Spencer doesn’t approve of his marriage to Ava and that weighs on him heavily. The bond with Elizabeth is already there even though she is upset with him for keeping Spencer and other loved ones in the dark regarding his whereabouts when presumed dead. Nikolas plans to push Ava into Franco’s arms so that she breaks their agreement and he walks away with his money and his son. General Hospital rumors hint that his plan will backfire but in a way that benefits his family. Falling for Elizabeth again would solve Nik’s problem with Spencer wanting Ava out of the picture. But can Nikolas fall for Liz and choose love and family over the Cassadine fortune?

There may be a way for Nikolas to have his cake and eat it too. Especially if he has Spencer in his corner. Spencer is known for working the system and finding opportunities to get his way. If a happy family is what Spencer wants, a happy family is what Spencer will get. General Hospital rumors claim Ava and Nikolas are well on their way to ending their marital agreement by circumstances that were put into motion by each party. And with the help of Spencer, everything just might work out for the best.

Where does this leave Franco? Franco and Elizabeth genuinely care for one another but they also have a rocky relationship. Franco’s intentions are good but many times he somehow manages to mess things up. Franco and Ava have been friends for a while though seeing them as a romantic couple doesn’t really seem to fit. Could these two become the next unexpected romance? If Liz leaves Franco for Nikolas, Franco may turn to Ava for a shoulder to lean on.

Will Spencer finally get the family he’s been looking for if Nikolas and Liz find each other in love again?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns From Ireland With Son Aiden, Who Will Reprise Their Role?

There are many reason why Lucky Spencer would want to return to Port Charles in the very near future. Recent General Hospital spoilers hint that Lucky could be returning to Port Charles very soon.

Between the holiday season and the resurfacing of Lucky’s brother Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), the timing makes sense for Lucky to bring his son back to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), and to see his brother who has been presumed dead. Currently, Lucky and Elizabeth’s son, Aiden (Jason David), is staying in Ireland with his father Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) for the holidays. The child has to return to Port Charles sooner than later, and what better way to bring him back than his own father paying a visit in Port Charles.

There have been 3 actors to play the iconic role of Lucky Spencer, starting with the most well known actor as Lucky, Jonathan Jackson. Jackson originated the role and has been on General Hospital working alongside Daytime TV legends such as Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer) and Genie Francis (Laura Webber Spencer). Jonathan Jackson is currently heavily involved in his band Enation but is not currently acting on TV. Jackson had a leading role on ABC’s Nashville, but since the end of that series, Jackson has not been steadily in a role.

Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan both had their time on General Hospital as well playing Lucky Spencer when Jackson left the show. In a recent interview with Soaps In Depth, Jacob Young revealed he would love to return to GH as Lucky. Young is off contract with The Bold and the Beautiful and disclosed his feelings toward the idea of returning. “It’s always been on my radar. Lucky was a really special time, and of course, I won the Emmy for that role, so that’s always gonna stick out in my mind.” Jackson said when asked about a possible return to GH. Although he states that he doesn’t see himself going on contract with General Hospital, he admits that The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t have any roles open for him at the moment, however, General Hospital does.

Greg Vaughan was also a component in the Lucky Spencer saga throughout the years. However Vaughan is currently playing Eric Brady on NBC’s Days Of Our Lives and would mostly likely not be available to return to GH even for a short stint.

Although GH news has not confirmed the return of Lucky Spencer, it would seem to be the most logical time for the character to make himself present in Port Charles during this important time with his family now that Nikolas is alive. If Lucky were to return to Port Charles, which actor would GH fans prefer most?

General Hospital Spoilers: A Spooky Return, Halloween and November Sweeps

GH Halloween Nikolas 2019 Tyler Christopher Marcus Coloma
GH Halloween Nikolas 2019

It’s that time of year, and we aren’t just talking about the eerie feeling you get when walking along Pier 54 at night. It’s Halloween! Halloween opens the door for story lines to get even more crazy than they are all year round. Not only is it time for the residents of Port Charles to get dressed up and masked, it’s also time for November Sweeps!

GH Halloween Nikolas Cassadine

General Hospital comings and goings have not confirmed, but GH rumors are circling around one very HUGE comeback. Think back to when Laura saw the psychic and was told her son is in danger. When she called Lucky, he was fine. That only leaves one other son- but he’s dead, right? Maybe not. Ava also tried to reach Nikolas via a psychic medium who claims to be able to connect with the deceased. Ava was Nikolas couldn’t be reached. These are solid signs that Nikolas isn’t dead, and cannot be reached spiritually because he must be alive!

Will Tyler Christopher for the Cassadine fortune? Hayden, Laura, Jax, Curtis, and Kevin are working together to solve Helena’s last mystery, and be able to give the fortune to it’s rightful owner, Spencer Cassadine. Tyler Christopher has come in and out of Port Charles as Nikolas Cassadine since 1996. More recently, he joined the cast of Days of Our Lives in December of 2017 but has since made his exit last Fall.

General Hospital Spoilers: What Laura Has Loved and Lost


Helena’s will reading was significantly short of satisfying. Basically, we don’t know the meaning of her oh-so-crytpic mysterious and evil distributions to those closest to the Cassadine family.

Over time, Helena has held a special place in her heart, so to speak, for the Spencer family. Especially for Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis). That said, her “gift” to Laura is probably the most intriguing and mysterious of them all. Evidently, Helena gave Laura a black, uniquely shaped key. And apparently it’s the “key to what Laura has loved… and LOST!” Creepy, right?

What could that possibly mean? Well, GH fans had a couple of ideas. General Hospital rumors started swirling ever since Helena’s bombshells. Some GH rumors claim that  it could be Luke. After all, he’s something that Laura has loved and lost.  Will Anthony Geary  be make a cameo comeback after last year’s retirement? Additionally, other rumors suggest that Jonathan Jackson returns as Lucky Spencer for a brief time. Although she loves Lucky, she hasn’t actually “lost” him. He’s simply not living in Port Charles.

What do you think Helena meant by this gift to Laura Spencer? Is Anythony Geary or Jonathan Jackson returning to GH?

Photo from: Michael Fairman Facebook

General Hospital News: Steve Burton and Jonathan Jackson to Open TN Restaurant

Jack and Jameson's Smokehouse/Facebook

Two of General Hospital’s most well known actors are real life friends and are about to reunite through a new project. The legendary Lucky Spencer, portrayed by Jonathan Jackson, and the iconic Jason Morgan formerly played by Steve Burton for 21 years, have joined forces outside ABC Studios.

The two have parted ways from General Hospital, as Steve Burton now plays Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless, and Jonathan Jackson has moved to ABC’s Primetime drama, Nashville, as Avery Barkley. Although they are no longer co-workers in show biz, they are taking their colleague-ship in an entirely new direction.

Jackson and Burton have announced that they, along with third co-owner, restaurateur, Richard Shannon will open a Tennessee Smokehouse. The venue has been described as “a family-friendly, world class,” restaurant and concert venue.

At Jack and Jameson’s Smoke House, expect to indulge in barbecue and burgers, and will have 15-20 local brews on tap.

In the area or looking to vacation in Tennessee? General Hospital fans all over the country are ecstatic about this recent news.

Check out the official Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse Offical Facebook page for further details!

Liz and Jake’s Wedding Disaster

LiasonproposeOne of the most controversial fan base wars has just taken the drama to an entirely new level. The Liason vs. JaSam wars date back to practically a decade, and it doesn’t look like there will be an end to all the chaos any time soon. General Hospital fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for the big Jason Morgan reveal. Ever since Billy Miller took over the role of Jason Morgan, and stepped into Steve Burton’s shoes, true Jason and Sam fans have been waiting (im)patiently for their great love to be reunited. All the while, Elizabeth and Jason fans have been in their glory during the current story line involving the love between Jake Doe (Jason) and Liz.

We all know that Elizabeth and Nikolas are keeping an enormous secret from the rest of Port Charles. Aside from Laura and Lucky Spencer, they have told no one of Jake’s true identity. Helena knows that Jake is really Jason because she is the reason Jason “died” in the first place. Hayden Barnes is well aware of Jake’s true identity, but since she is having trouble with her memory after waking up from a coma, the threat she poses has been put on the back burner. Nikolas however, isn’t taking any chances, and he has proposed to Hayden, that she live at Wyndemere.

This story line just crossed a new level of drama, as Jake asked Elizabeth to marry him. Unsure of what to do, Elizabeth turned to God for a sign. Although she knows Jake really is married to Sam, and Sam walked into the chapel as Liz was asking for a sign from above, she still, despite everything she knows about Jake and his loved ones, told him yes to marriage.

In General Hospital spoilers and news, recently GH’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati was let go and replaced by two co-writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman. Currently, the show is still airing episodes written by Carlivati, but soon enough, that will all change. It goes without saying that this wedding will ultimately end in disaster, if Liz and Jake even make it to the altar. General Hospital rumors have been speculating, that the big Jason reveal is going to happen sooner rather than later. The current changes with the GH writing team gives fans hope that this story will be moving along more quickly now, and that Jake will soon find out he is Jason Morgan. More importantly, Sam and Jason will be reunited as husband and wife. For the time being, Liason fans are enjoying the ride, however, Jason and Sam will inevitably be reunited. That will make for one disastrous wedding indeed.

How will it all go down? Give us your thoughts and theories revolving around Liz and Jake’s demise, in preparation for the JaSam reunion. Will they make it down the aisle before Sam finds out that Jason is alive, and Elizabeth is marrying her husband and the father of her son, Danny?