General Hospital News and Spoilers: William Lipton Off Contract, Zander’s Return, Cameron Webber Faces Hard Times

Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) son, Cameron (William Lipton), is going through a tough time. His step father, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), has a tumor that has reeked havoc on the people of Port Charles in the past. His condition caused him to snap, and turn into a dangerous man. When the tumor was removed, Franco was rid of those demons and was able to build a stable life with Elizabeth. Now Cam’s world is turned upside down.

General Hospital news reports GH actor, William Lipton, is no longer on contract with the daytime drama. The closing credits indicate the star could either remain on the show in a recurring role, or leave GH.

General Hospital news previously reported the upcoming return of Cam’s TV father, Chad Brannon, as Zander Smith.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Cameron is going through a tough time and its only going to get worse for the time being.

GH rumors claim his father Zander may come to him in a dream or as a ghost to help him get through the dark days dealing with what’s happening to Franco and his family, and being a teenager on the brink of college.